Lucknow’s big locker robbery gives one family sleepless nights

A Richie rich of sorts living in the city of Lucknow, Amit Prakash Bahadur felt like the floor had slipped from beneath his feet when he went to the bank after the Corona lockdown and unlock phases got over. For the first time when he opened his locker at the Bank of Baroda, he learnt that his gold coins and jewellery parked safely inside had gone missing.

The high end customer was a regular visitor but this time during Corona, they were unable to go to the bank and check the locker. Victim Amit Bahadur says that recently, on 23 October, he came with his parents to operate a locker. He was accompanied by Swati, the bank’s ticket operator.

One key remains with the operator and the other customer, so the locker opens when two keys are brought together. But when Swati, a bank employee, keyed in the locker, the locker was unlocked from inside. When the locker was checked, everything was missing.

With this revalation, the customer has filed an FIR against the employees of the Bank of Baroda branch, including the clerk guarding the locker. Cops are now investigating the entire case.

The ornaments which were lying inside the locker were about 200 carats in estimation. Amit’s account is at the Koneshwar intersection comig under the Chowk police station area of Lucknow. Amit’s is a joint account with his parents. Amit has been quoted saying that the cost of jewellery and coins is estimated to be said to be around 1crore.


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