Maddam Sir now giving viewers an edge of the seat feel

Lucknow: True to the show’s tagline – “Kuch Baat Hain Kyuki Jazbaat Hain”, Sony SAB’s light hearted values driven offering Maddam Sir starring Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Rahil Azam has continued to win hearts with its  impactful stories that also intends to give important messages to the audience. While the show was ruled by the leading ladies Gulki, Yukti, Bhavika and Sonali Naik, with Rahil Azam’s entry as DSP Anubhav Singh, the show has explored a new facet of the story. The ongoing episodes have put the viewers on the edge of their seats with a thrilling turn of events that has put this dynamic trio’s life in danger. While Maddam Sir and team battle a threat to the nation, the characters continue to reflect policing with heart at its core.

Maddam Sir’s star-cast might share a unique and sometimes conflicting rapport on-screen but off-screen the camaraderie between the artists is swoon worthy. Here’s what the Maddam Sir trio had to share about their experience together and reveal what awaits for the viewers in the upcoming episodes.

Gulki Joshi aka everyone’s beloved S.H.O Haseena Mallik said,“Currently we are shooting for one of the most intense episodes so far. There’s a case of national interest and Haseena, Karishma and Anubhav are headingthis lethal mission.The beauty of these episodes is that theconcept of policing with heart is clearly represented and the sheer dedication Haseena has towards her duty and the nation. What will shock the audiences is how Haseena Mallik risks her life to save the nation by going to lengths of injecting the virus in her. What makes this entire journey on Maddam Sir even more fulfilling is the company of such brilliant co-stars who are not only my colleagues but my friends.”

Adding further, Yukti said,“Our viewers have seen a very conflicting rapport between Haseena and Karishma because they are different sides of a coin. This week’s episodes have been a true testament of the rapport the duo shares and the fact that no matter their difference in the approaches they take on their job, Karishma would always stand up for Maddam Sir no matter how grave the circumstances are. I think the evolution of duo Haseena and Karishma on the show has been truly loved by our audiences and I am sure they will continue to love and support us. ”

Rahil, the new addition in the Maddam Sir family said, “I didn’t know what to expect when I joined the show also because the team has been working together for a while and I was the newbie amongst them. With time I feel I have opened up a lot and we have bonded a lot together. Viewers and fans have been loving Haseena and Anubhav and it is a great feeling to watch our fans make these beautiful videos of the best Haseena and Anubhav moments. While the romantic angle between Haseena and Anubhav was short lived, I am sure it will stay in peoples mind for a long time. I feel we certainly have turned into a powerhouse trio on the set as Gulki and Yukti have become dear friends and colleagues. We all know how to have our fun moments and that positivity transfers into our work. I am enjoying my character Anubhav as I have got a chance to explore multiple facets of the character so far. I am still learning more about him and I hope our viewers enjoy watching him.”

Talking about the camaraderie between the trio and the new prankster on the set, Gulki revealed, “My crown of being the prankster queen of the sets has been taken away and now we have a prankster king around us who is none other than, Rahil Azam. I used to think I am the most mischievous one around here but Rahil certainly proved me wrong. While we are all always at our energetic best but with his arrival, there is a new spark among us. Shooting for Maddam Sir has never felt like work and I am glad I have found such amazing co-stars who I can call friends.”

The prank master Rahil revealed,It is necessary to have a little fun while working. Keeps the energy on the sets up and running. I also have to say that this masti is the result of the already existing mischievous energy on the sets. I feel I have added to it. My journey so far with my co-stars have been a memorable one and I am sure we will keep giving our fans a glimpse into our behind the scenes moments.”

Yukti Kapoor concluded and said,“This is one of the finest teams I am worked with so far. I can proudly say we are one tight knit family. Rahil, an immensely talented actor, is now a part of this family and his presence has certainly made this team the happiest and more energetic. I feel our bond behind the camera is what resonates when we shoot. The comfort level is immense and it shows. Our viewers have continued to support us, and I would like to say that we are committed to entertain them with all our heart.”

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