Massive police network to launch all out war against cyber thugs

Lucknow: To stop cyber crime, now the joint team of UP, Haryana and Rajasthan will counter these cyber criminals together. This team, formed by combining cyber experts from three states, has been formed under the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center (14C). This joint team of three states has also started operations to crack down on cyber criminals.

The objective of this joint team is to expose the entire game of cyber crime by identifying new cyber crime bases being set up by the criminals. Along with this, in which corner of the country these cyber criminals are sitting and what kind of cyber crime they are committing, action has to be taken.

Not only this, along with interrogating the cyber thugs, it will also be the work of this team to formulate an effective strategy for prevention of crime in these three states. It is believed that this team formed under 14C created by the Ministry of Home Affairs will get exemption under national laws, so that this team will be able to carry out its operation at any place in any state across the country in a short time.

In this team, police officers along with top cyber experts of UP Police have been included in the team.

Along with this, preparations have also been started vigorously to make necessary resources and hi-tech for its investigation in Noida-Ghaziabad districts of UP NCR. Cyber criminals mostly target the residents of Noida Ghaziabad, these two districts of UP.

According to the police officers involved in the newly formed team, the joint team of the three states has carried out several joint raids.

Along with this, many new locations have also been identified for further raids and action. Different patterns of cybercrime are being executed by thugs from different places, the effort is that places like Jamtara should not be built in these three states.

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