Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia celebrated her birthday as ‘Seva Sankalp Diwas’ and gave a new message

Lucknow: On October 19, 2022, Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, considering her birthday as ‘Seva Sankalp Diwas’, organized Seva Kumbh at Jhulelal Vatika. While encouraging all the cleaning workers of the municipal corporation working in Lucknow, various schemes were launched for their families under the chairmanship of Governor of Uttar Pradesh Anandiben Patel, Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana as the chief guest, Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak and Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia.

On this occasion, the island was first lit by the guests while offering flowers in front of the statue of Lord Lakshman ji at the Sewa Kumbh.

On this occasion, Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, while welcoming the guests at the Sewa Kumbh, while giving a complete introduction to this event, said that the Lucknow Municipal Corporation family, which has provided the best gift of clean and beautiful Lucknow to about 50 lakh citizens of Lucknow metropolis, capital of Uttar Pradesh. Today I am overwhelmed to see the fulfillment of my wish to greet more than 11 thousand service warriors and their thousands of family members by showering flowers together with all of you. The Municipal Corporation family is feeling blessed to have all of you amongst them on the occasion of “Seva Kumbh” organized by the cleanliness warriors and their families of all levels affiliated to Lucknow Municipal Corporation on the occasion of Seva Sankalp Diwas.

The Mayor further said that the schemes which are being launched  by the hands of  Speaker and all the dignitaries present, the same schemes will definitely provide strength to your family members and yourself. The Mayor further said that Lucknow Municipal Corporation is in the form of a family and being the most important member of the family, it is our moral obligation to take care of you, to take care of your family members, to take care of your children. The family of sweepers maintains their family in a very meager income, in such a situation, when an employee is a casual Goloka resident, his family has to face a lot of difficulties financially, for his diagnosis and for the future of the family. Taking concern, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation is providing family insurance of Rs 40 lakh to all the sweepers. Which is going to start today with the lotus blessings of all the dignitaries present here, so that along with providing financial support to all our sweepers, their families will be able to get help at the time of calamity. For this, MoU is being signed with Punjab and Sind Bank, so I express my gratitude to the officials of Punjab and Sind Bank.

These Sevavrati cleanliness warriors of Lucknow Municipal Corporation worked during the Corona period by making the dignified voice of  Prime Minister,  Narendra Modi  and  Chief Minister Yogi, the basis of their service religion. The mayor further said that all of them did everything in that calamity which no one could have done except them.

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation, along with providing them a letter of honor for the service righteous warriors whose unbroken resolve is always service, wants permission to start some other very special schemes today with your announcements. With the intention of all these service warriors, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation has been fulfilling the resolve related to service religion.
I consider myself fortunate that God has given me this opportunity to serve Lucknow with all of you and together with you all of us, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation family, took a giant leap from 269 to 17th in the cleanliness ranking. Rank achieved. Surely this is a big achievement of 5 years. And without your cooperation, without your work, without your hard work this could not have been achieved. For this, I thank you all, being the head of Lucknow Municipal Corporation, and bow down to you wholeheartedly.

State Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, while congratulating the Mayor on his birthday, lauded the grand celebration of his birthday as Seva Sankalp Diwas and said that today’s event makes it clear that no matter how many workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party are involved. Why not reach the post, he continues to work for the poor and common people.

Expressing gratitude to Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia in his address, Shri Pathak ji congratulated all the employees of the Municipal Corporation for getting free insurance. Shri Pathak further said that having life insurance will increase their confidence which will increase their work efficiency. Many accidents happen from time to time due to which our employees are affected but their family will get a lot of benefit by having life insurance and congratulated Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia for bringing a good plan for the benefit of the employees.

On this occasion, the Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha,  Satish Mahana, while congratulating Sanyukta Bhatia as the organizer of the Sewa Kumbh on the occasion of Seva Sankalp Diwas, wished her a happy birthday.  Mahana said that just as if the thread in a garland of pearls becomes weak, then the whole garland becomes weak, similarly if any section in the society remains weak, then the garland of the society becomes weak. That’s why the person standing at the last rung of the society should come.

Ever since humanity was created in that system, everyone works in some way and if any person stops working in that system, then the systems get disturbed. When the crisis came in the form of corona in the country, when people were afraid to leave their homes, at the same time our same corona warriors whom our Prime Minister called corona warriors whether it was doctors, police or municipal employees without their lives. regardless of service to the country.

Mahana further said that our Prime Minister honored the sanitation workers by washing their feet, this shows how much respect the Prime Minister has for the person standing at the last rung of the society.

Mahana  thanked Mayor  Sanyukta Bhatia and said that under your leadership, all the employees of the Municipal Corporation today get the benefit of free insurance, incomparable service certificate, excellent service honor certificate to mother power who retired after completing 60 years, Lucknow. An example has been set by launching schemes like free eye test etc. for municipal employees and their families. This shows their attitude towards the sanitation workers.

On this occasion, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Anandiben, while congratulating the Mayor on his birthday, praised him for celebrating his birthday as Seva Sankalp Diwas. State Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel today addressed the “Seva Kumbh” function organized by the Municipal Corporation, Lucknow on the occasion of Seva Sankalp Diwas by joining online with the Pragya Kaksha located at Raj Bhavan here. This event was organized by Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia in Jhulelal Park to congratulate the sanitation workers and their family members and to launch various beneficial schemes for them. In his address, the Governor said that keeping the city clean is an obligation, which our service-minded sanitation workers fulfill. He said that during the Corona period when everyone was feeling afraid to step out of the house, at that time the cleaning workers risking their lives to clean is inspiring.

Describing the sanitation workers as cleanliness righteous warriors, he congratulated and congratulated their work.

Benefits of family pension scheme up to 40 lakhs to sanitation workers

During this, Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, General Manager of Punjab and Sind Bank, signed the MoU for the insurance scheme for the benefit of the employees and started this special scheme by exchanging the memorandum. Along with Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana and Deputy Chief Minister, dignitaries launched this first welfare scheme of the state by distributing insurance certificates to 16 municipal cleaning workers (2 (1 female – 1 male) of each zone) from a symbolic platform. The Mayor said that the family of the sweepers maintains their family in a very meager income, in such a situation, the family of an employee has to face a lot of difficulties financially when he is an accidental resident of Goloka, for its solution and Concerning the future of the family, the Municipal Corporation has launched an insurance scheme for all the cleaning workers up to 40 lakhs during the service period.To provide financial support to the cleaning workers, their families get support/support in times of sorrow and calamity. The Mayor said that all the sanitation workers of Lucknow Municipal Corporation would be insured by opening their accounts, which has been launched here today.

The conch shell echoed in the programs, Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia had food with the family along with the cleaning workers
While honoring the employees, conch shells kept blowing from the stage. Every year Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia has been celebrating her birthday on her birthday on October 19, giving the message of harmony by reaching there herself in the service settlements where the families of municipal sanitation workers live and having food with them and their families. In this sequence, on the one hand, food and sweets were distributed to all the municipal workers and their families who came to the Kumbh today, on the other hand, the sanitation workers who were respected along with their families (daughter-in-law Reshu Bhatia, grandson Daksha and granddaughter) Katyayani Sang) had food at the venue itself.

Ministers showered flowers on the cleaning workers, the eyes of the cleaning workers moistened

The scene of Sewa Kumbh was rare, where on one hand the Deputy Chief Minister and the Mayor, including the Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, were showering flowers on them, as well as the time when they were showering flowers on the sanitation workers from the stage, they sat in the pandal with 10 machines installed in the pandal. Flowers were being showered on all the sweepers. Seeing such a big event for the first time for the same sanitation workers and their families, the eyes of many Safai Karamcharis leaders and sanitation workers were moist.

Sanitation workers got respect for the work done during the Corona period

The Mayor said that during the severe epidemic of Corona, the cleaning workers of the Municipal Corporation had made a different identity by working with dedication and service to the residents of Lucknow, whether it was garbage collection or sanitization from infected houses. Under the leadership of Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, the sanitation workers performed their duty well. For this, during the Corona period on the call of the Mayor, the Deputy Chief Minister, the administrative officers including the Minister and the people of Lucknow openly attacked the cleaning workers.

He thanked them by showering them. Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia himself had greeted the cleaning workers by performing aarti. Today, “Incredible Service Certificate” was given to all such Safai Karamcharis who worked with dedication and service during the Corona period and gratitude was expressed on behalf of the people of Lucknow for their services.

Retired municipal corporation women employees got respect

The Mayor said that being the first woman Mayor of Lucknow Municipal Corporation, all the retired women sanitation workers working in the Municipal Corporation were given “Utkarsh Certificate” as a token of gratitude for doing good work during their service.

Schemes launched to provide free education to the girls of families of sanitation workers in municipal schools

The scheme to provide free education to the girls of all the sanitation workers of Lucknow Municipal Corporation up to 12th and graduation in schools/colleges of Lucknow Municipal Corporation was launched today on 19th October 2020, by providing free education to the girls of the cleaning workers. The mayor did the work of making ‘Bachao Beti Padhao’ meaningful.

Library inaugurated for the children of municipal employees

The Mayor informed that the library of Municipal Corporation Lucknow was also inaugurated today to provide books and other necessary materials for the preparation of higher education and competitive examinations to the children of the employees of the Municipal Corporation. By which free study material will be provided to the children of all these employees.

Free eye examination and spectacles will be given to the cleaning workers and family members, ‘Eye Kumbh’ will be held

The Mayor said that Netra Kumbh was organized to conduct free eye examination of all the sanitation workers and their families of Municipal Corporation Lucknow, along with free spectacles were also distributed to the employees and their families. The Mayor said that about 800 employees were examined today, in which free spectacles were also provided to most. During the investigation, 6 employees have been found to have cataract, which will also be treated free of cost, zone wise eye examination of the rest of the employees will be done daily at the zonal office from tomorrow and spectacles will also be distributed.

Five smart schools / classes dedicated to the public

The Mayor informed that work has been started to make five schools of Lucknow Municipal Corporation smart. Which was launched today on 19th October 2022 at Seva Kumbh. In which five schools of Lucknow Municipal Corporation will be made fully smart and work on digital education was started by providing all facilities in it. So that our children can be provided excellent education by best technology.

On this occasion, Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia along with Governor of Uttar Pradesh Smt. Anandiben Patel, Speaker of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Satish Mahana, Deputy Chief Minister Brijesh Pathak, MLA Ashutosh Tandon, Neeraj Bora, Legislative Council member Ramchandar Pradhan, Vice President of Sindhi Akademi Nanak Chand Lakhmani runner-up Rajneesh Gupta , Anjani Srivastava, District Magistrate Surya Pal Gangwar, BJP councilor, party leader Kaushlendra Dwivedi, Vice President Pradeep Shukla Tinku along with officials of Municipal Corporation Employees Union, thousands of sanitation officers, employees and other people were present.

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