Mele Ka Big Star is a reality show in the truest sense which is unscripted says Tanveer Zaidi

Arijit Bose

Mumbai: Actor Tanveer Zaidi is in limelight these days as his reality series ‘Mele Ka Big Star’ is streaming on Zee5, We caught up with him to know more about his reality series ‘Mele Ka Big Star’ of Zee5, So what’s the idea all about we talk to him in an exclusive conversation.

Q: Tell us a little about this programme ?

A: ” ‘Mele Ka Big Star’ isn’t an ordinary tv series, it’s a reality show in the REAL sense, as the show isn’t scripted or fixed, it’s not pre planend, it doesn’t have melodrama full of tragedies and fake tears, one hasn’t brought the contestants from the Circus , not hired them from event companies, infact it’s TRULY a Talent Hunt , where  these XFactor talents were searched from the unique  Melas of many cities and villages of the country and gave them a right platform to show case their talent.

Tanveer says his duty was to travel and search rarest of the rare talents from the exhibitions, numaishs and Melas and then  give them a stage in the melas to show case their amazing talents, and in hundred or more contestants, he selected the 5 best from each Mela, and last but not the least they brought these selected contestants to groom them. Tanveer judged them, selected them and groomed them for the quarter, semi and final performances. From the finale he selected the best three contestants and finally felicitated them with the trophies and crowned them with the prestigious title ‘Mele Ka BIG STAR’.”

Q: Bollywood recently completed 100yrs, what is your opinion about this journey?

A- Dadasaheb Phalke is credited with producing India’s first feature movie, ‘Raja Harishchandra’, more than hundred year ago in 1913, that film was about a king who gave up his empire and family to keep a promise to a God-man. Now in 2021 films in India has become a need, a basic need like Roti, Kapda aur Makaan and for entertainment film is the only medium for us , it’s a common language, a common passion, it has become just like a religion one common religion ie ‘Cinema’ .

Q: As you are active in industry from so long, do you see any changes in films from past to present?

A- started my career as a professional actor with a commercial,main stream bollywood film ‘Belagaam’ in 2002 since then Bollywood has changed alot, earlier, there were a heroine, a hero and against them were a vamp and a villain, they did all the things the heroine/hero couldn’t. Over the last 20 years, these lines really blurred. Hindi cinema today, with some exceptions, is mostly about a world Bollywood has created — a beautiful, perfect world, Now adays all types of movies are being made, From the high big budget movies of Salman Khan to the low and lowest budget movies of Ayushman Khurana are being produced and being appreciated, accepted and welcomed by the audience with their open arms. As I said earlier, I did a movie in a lead role in 2002, the film titled ‘Belagaam’, my role was of a protagonist guy, I shared the tittle role, in 2009 I acted in ‘Kahe gaye pardes piya’, a hindi/awadhi bollywood hit. In 2013, I have acted as a leading actor in ‘Guardians’.the movie was released in 2014 and In the same year 2014 I did ‘The last encounter’ and ‘Umass’, In 2016 I did a Bollywood movie ‘ Ishq Samandar ‘ it was a lead role of a music coach and in 2020 I have completed a movie ‘Prerna-Hot and cool ‘ as a leading actor , I am a fashion designer in the movie… Since 2002 Bollywood has technicality wise improved.

Q: Do you think bollywood is inspired from Hollywood?

A-Yes, undoubtedly, Although, we have seen some good Bollywood originals in the past few years, there have been times when Bollywood imitated Hollywood with little changes or no changes at all. While in some of our movies, only the central idea is the same, there are other films in which the whole plot is a blatant rip-off of some Hollywood movie. Not only films even tv series are being copied, this isn’t good, really.

Q: After completing 100yrs of Indian Cinema, what is the main reason that no indian film theory exists?

A- The most popular song from the film, hugely successful in India and abroad goes – “मेरा जूता है जापानी, यह पतलून इंग्लिशतानी, सर पे लाल टोपी रूसी फिर भी दिल है हिंदुस्तानी,”
“My shoes are from Japan, My trousers English,
The red hat on my head is Russian, But my heart remains Indian” it says all about our Indian culture ie Indianess, in our country there is a huge diversity, it’s better to say ” unity in diversity ” , perhaps this is the reason that no particular theory exists…

Q: Do you agree OTT platforms can be a end of traditional cinema?
A-My take is- No, Because, the theatre experience is completely different. It can’t be matched by OTT.
Big screen ie Theatres give a collective experience. When there’s whistling, clapping and stuff, even a bad movie can feel good sometimes, same is with our traditional Indian cinema

Q: OTT showcase uncencored content,which is not good for teenagers. Your views on this.
A- Yes, I agree there are contents which are not good for kids and these shouldn’t be watched by immature minds at the same I support freedom of speech & expressions…My advise – OTT platforms must get a self-regulation system in place and introduce advanced parental controls.
Moreover, the subscription fee for the services must only be paid from an adult’s account and not a minor’s. Do not forget that parents are the best spy at home, they can keep an eye what their children are watching and they could decide what is good and what’s bad for them..

Q: As a popular actor, how you see the industry in upcoming days?
A-In the last few years we have improved a lot, industry is technology wise growing every day, but sky is the limit, let’s hope we shall watch much more improvements in contents as well, I keep my finger crossed.

Q: Any suggestions for filmakers?
A-I am not in the position to give advise to the film makers, but I have seen many film makers when they have to make a small budget film they give good films and when the same directors/ producers get a lavish budget with big stars they spoil their films because they become assistants for their stars, they should Look for a story that triggers inspiration for them. They should feel an emotional attachment with their projects. We shouldn’t forget that cinema is a profession but an art to prove their creativity as well.

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