Mithila artist teaches nuances of his craft

Lucknow: The ongoing three-day training and workshop on Mithila painting by the Department of Art and Graphic, Tagore Marg, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, concluded. For the said workshop, the students of the College of Architecture received training under the direction of Mithila expert painter  Awadhesh Kumar Karna, who came from Madhubani (Bihar) and under the direction of the expert, each of the participants (80 students) also created one work each.

This program was organized under the chairmanship of the Dean of the college, Dr. Vandana Sehgal. On the completion of the three-day training and workshop, Prof. Rajeev Kakkar, Head of the College, honored painter Abdhesh Kumar Karna on behalf of the faculty by giving him a symbol and shawl.

During this three-day workshop, artist Awadhesh Karna displayed his works and introduced the techniques, origin, development and usefulness of Madhubani painting in the present environment.

On the second day of the workshop art teachers Girish Pandey, Bhupendra Kumar Asthana, Ratnapriya Kant and Dheeraj Yadav along with expert Awadhesh Kumar Karna and all the participating students painted Madhubani style mural on the wall of the faculty (9×11 feet wide). Made the construction which was completed on Wednesday. During the training,  Karna informed the students about the nuances of many Mithila arts. Also explained its traditional styles and techniques. Told that in the traditional way, to prepare Madhubani’s artefacts, hand-made paper is coated with cow-dung and vegetable colors are painted on it in the form of mythological stories.

The artists themselves prepare the colors for their paintings and by wrapping cotton in bamboo sticks, they also prepare brushes of various sizes. But looking at the changing environment of the time, now chemical colors and many papers are being used. Along with the depiction of humans and gods and goddesses in subjects, animals, birds, trees and geometric shapes have also been given an important place in the art of Madhubani.

These shapes are also made in the traditional way. Parrots, turtles, fishes, sun and moon are popular themes of Madhubani. Elephants, horses, lions, bamboo, lotus, flowers, creepers and swastikas are depicted as auspicious for the prosperity of wealth and grains. This painting in itself seems unique and wonderful. Madhubani painting is not dependent on any identity today. Due to its unique color form, this painting has gained a lot of fame in the country and the world. The specialty of Madhubani painting is its simplicity and aliveness.

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