Mitigation of Groundwater related issues in U.P high on government priority

Lucknow: For the planned development and management of ground water in the state, the work of rain water harvesting, assessment of the availability and quality of groundwater harvesting and study and investigational survey and analysis of ground water related problems is being done by the Ground Water Department of the state government.

Special attention is being paid to water management by conducting survey, estimation, management and planning and scientific study of the problems related to it, control of ground water exploitation, technical coordination and monitoring of ground water conservation, harvesting and recharge schemes.

Demarcation of sensitive areas from the point of view of groundwater quality is being done in the state. Cases of ground water quality affected/contamination have come to notice at many places in the state. Taking important steps for this, the Ground Water Department has signed an MoU with the Indian Institute of Toxicology, Lucknow. With this, the overall assessment of ground water quality of ground water samples in Hindon basin and Ghaghra basin will be done. On the basis of the recommendations of the assessment, various executive departments will be able to select the areas of safe water supply for drinking water and agricultural use.

For the latest ground water resource assessment, the department has done the latest groundwater resource assessment based on the data of the year 2017 so that the updated status of the stressed groundwater areas can be known. According to the assessment based on the data of the year 2017 of groundwater resources, at present 82 development blocks of the state have been classified as overexploited, 47 development blocks in critical and 151 development blocks in semicritical category, according to which these areas have been notified.

In the field of groundwater level measurement, it has been decided to equip departmental piezometers with digital water level recorders for real-time monitoring of ground water level. Real-time ground water level is being obtained at every 12 hours interval through telemetry from these digital water level recorders, which will further authenticate the ground water resource estimation.

Work is being done to study the groundwater level in various aquifers of the state. Till the last years, only the groundwater level of shallow (Princess) aquifers was studied in the state. With increasing groundwater exploitation, water is also being extracted from deep aquifers. For this, the department has constructed multiple monitoring networks in the distressed development blocks of the state, under which 03 high capacity ground water level monitoring wells are being constructed at different depths at each site. These monitoring wells will also be equipped with digital water level recorders, so that real-time ground water level monitoring of all three aquifers can be done simultaneously.

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