Municipal Corporation working doubly hard to keep Filariasis in check

Lucknow:  In a meeting held at the Municipal Corporation Headquarters under the chairmanship of Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, a presentation was made to the councilors regarding the prevention and control of the Filariasis under the Filariasis Eradication Program. During this presentation, Additional Chief Medical Officer A.K. Tripathi, Additional Municipal Commissioner  Abhay Kumar Pandey, City Health Officer Dr. SK. Rawat, Dr. Dharmendra Tripathi, CHRI from the Department of Family and Health Welfare.  Shubham Mishra and others were present on the occasion.

Municipal Health Officer S.K. Rawat informed that due to filariasis, there is a problem like swelling of hands and feet, hydrocele and in some cases milky urine occurs which has no treatment. Once this disease occurs in life, the symptoms do not return. In such a situation the life of the patient becomes very difficult.

It was informed by Dr. Tripathi through a presentation that from November 22 to December 07, 2021, the Filaria Liberation Campaign is being run in which 3800 teams have been set up in Lucknow district, which are giving medicine to 25 houses in a day.  Mayor  was given the medicine of filariasis by Dr. Tripathi.

It was informed through the presentation that 40 percent of the total patients of the world are in India and 272 districts of 21 states and union territories of India are considered endemic for filariasis. It also includes Uttar Pradesh. In India, more than 600 million people are at risk of filariasis.

Regarding filariasis, it was told that lymphatic filariasis or filariasis is a parasitic disease. In India, the disease is mainly caused by two parasites: Wuchereria bancroftae and Brugia malai. These parasites reach the human body through mosquitoes. Thus this disease is spread through mosquito bites. In India, mosquitoes of Culex quinquefasciatus and Mansonia species are the main carriers of parasites of this disease.

It is a domestic mosquito that usually breeds around human populations in dirty water, but can also thrive in clean water if dirty water is not available. Its life cycle from egg to adult is 10-14 days. Therefore, there should be no stagnation of water anywhere in the surrounding area and mosquitoes should not be allowed to breed.

For the prevention of filariasis, a collective drug intake campaign is being conducted. In which Anti-Filarial Drug ie D.E.C. And 1 dose a year of albendazole is administered by the health worker in front of himself. This medicine should not be given to children below 2 years of age, pregnant women and persons suffering from serious diseases. Selected Rapid Response Team or nearest health center can be contacted in case of any problem/side effect. It was told that in the year if D.E.C. And if one dose of Albendazole is consumed continuously for 5-7 years, then this disease can be got rid of. These medicines are completely safe and the medicines do not have any specific side effects.


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