MX Live recognizes and changes the lives of top creators from Uttar Pradesh

 Earning lakhs every month, streamers such as Nainika, Antima Tripathi, Shailja Patel and Sunil Sharma tell us how their life has changed after joining MX Live ~

Authenticity is what differentiates a creator from the mass and MX Live believes in recognizing this effort. If you are someone with an ordinary life but blessed with an extraordinary talent, unlock your potential, and reach millions with MX Player’s new interactive platform, MX Live – just like Nainika, Antima Tripathi, Shailja Patel and Sunil Sharma. These four creators from Uttar Pradesh have successfully broken away from the clutter and made their mark through the platform!

Playing up to their strengths, these streamers are now making a career out of their passion, engaging with millions and earning lakhs. Here’s what they have to say:

IT Engineer turned comedian and actor, Sunil Sharma from Hathrashsaid, “You know they say it’s never too late to pursue your passion? It’s true. MX Live proved it for me. I’m 32 years old, set in my professional world but this platform presented me with an opportunity to stay young at heart and never give up on my dreams. All I have to say is the key to sustain and stand-out from the crowd is to stay authentic and not dilute your creativity just for the sake of tapping a trend.”

Talking about how MX Live guided her to streamline her passion/ talent, Nainika from Lucknow said, “I have grown up seeing my family struggle to make ends meet. My father is a laborer and mother took care of the house; I, being a student, wasn’t contributing much financially at home. I desperately wanted to change that and that’s when MX Live was introduced and it truly changed my life. I put all my will and determination into this app and channelized my talent into a financially viable business. Now, I support my family with hard-earned money and lead a life as a fully financially independent girl.”

Gaining confidence and taking her professional career as a fashion designer to the next level, Antima Tripathi from Prayagrajsaid, “Content creators must be on top of the trends and constantly innovate to avoid getting monotonous. Being a fashion designer and entertainment enthusiast, I look for inspiration all around me. Hosting streaming sessions on MX Live has really opened a new path for me. Connecting with fellow streamers around the nation and interacting with them has only enriched my content creation. This exchange of ideas and appreciation has made me more confident than ever.”

On getting the much-needed support to pursue her passion, Shailja Patel from Banda said, “Ever since I was introduced to Kathak as a dance form, I have dedicated my life to it. Unfortunately, my financial background cannot support this passion which has limited me to practice it only as a hobby. All that changed when MX Live was launched, I took a chance and joined the community. I had given up on my dream to pursue Kathak full time but now I’m not only pursuing it, but I’m also taking part in events that take my talent to new heights and making money to support my career and family both.”

In a short span of time, MX Live has become a hub for creators across the nation. With a unique proposition that lets streamers connect and engage with followers with similar interests in a live session, this two-way engagement allows content creators to build a wider community. The revolutionary platform has not onlydisrupted the creator ecosystem by harnessing the power of live engagement but also changed the lives of these creators. The platform since its launch has witnessed a 5x increase in the revenue generated by its creators. Today with over 5 million MAUs, and over 2000 live streamers, MX Live has strengthened its creator as well as user-base ecosystem.

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