Naimisharanya to get a makeover on the lines of other temple towns

Lucknow: Kashi has shined, the grand Shri Ram temple is being constructed in Ayodhya. The work of rejuvenation of Mathura-Vrindavan is going on, now it is the turn of Naimisharanya.

Like Kashi Vishwanath Dham, after the rejuvenation of Naimisharanya, religious tourism will increase here, due to which employment opportunities will be created on a large scale in every sector.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said these things in the election public meeting organized in Naimisharanya on Friday. Describing the municipal elections in UP as Devasur Sangram, he said that Maharishi Dadhichi had once given his bones to make a thunderbolt for the victory of the divine powers from this land of Naimisharanya.

This is also the time to teach a lesson to the demonic corrupt, miscreants, mafia and criminals in this election.

Basic facilities will reach home through triple engine government

The Chief Minister said that I bow down to Naimisharanya, this pilgrimage land which is very holy and gives success to the seekers. The history of the world may be counted on the fingers, but the history of Naimisharanya is thousands of years old. Containing the complete knowledge of Indian sages, this land of Naimisharanya has always been the center of faith for all of us. By coming here both my birth and life have been blessed. In the Devasur Sangram here, Maharishi Dadhichi donated his bones and provided the Vajra, which played a very important role in giving victory to the divine powers. This election is no less than a Devasur battle.

With the association of triple engine with the government of double engine, basic facilities will start reaching every house. Bypassing the demon-like corrupt, miscreants, mafia and those with criminal tendencies, the benefits of the government’s schemes will be available without discrimination.

There has been so much development in 9 years, which has never happened before.

The Chief Minister said that the picture of the country has changed in the last 9 years. 9 years ago people looked at India with suspicion. Today change is not hidden from anyone. The people of India are getting respect all over the world. When there is a crisis anywhere in the world, everyone looks towards India. After the Sudan crisis, India has succeeded in evacuating its citizens trapped there. Hundreds of people from UP have also been brought back safely. The work which was not done after independence, has been done in the last 9 years. The poor have got the benefit of housing, toilets, Ayushman Yojana, free ration facility, free corona vaccine. On the one hand, poor welfare schemes are reaching without discrimination, highways and expressways are being built, airports, IITs and AIIMS are being constructed, while cow and heritage are also being respected.

Naimisharanya will become a big center of tourism

Chief Minister Yogi said that Vishwanath Dham in Kashi and Ram temple in Ayodhya are being constructed. Kashi has shone, Ayodhya has come in front of the world today as New Ayodhya. Mathura-Vrindavan is being rejuvenated. Now it is Naimisharanya’s turn. We have now started the work of rejuvenation of Naimisharanya. Electric bus is going to start here very soon. Not only this, helicopter service is going to start here after the next few months. Roads will be widened. If Naimisharanya is rejuvenated, lakhs of crores of tourists will come here, due to which employment will be created in every sector. Some will earn from hotels, dharamshalas and guesthouses, some will earn by selling items of worship and some will maintain themselves and their families by getting worship done.

Vote for smart city

The Chief Minister said that Naimisharanya is the heritage of our Vedic knowledge. Every Indian is proud of this. The double engine government has decided that as Kashi Vishwanath Dham has been revitalized, so will Naimisharanya. Under ODOP, the carpet here is being exported to foreign countries. The rugs here are making a splash in America and Europe. There are nine municipal bodies in Sitapur district. I appeal to you to vote for BJP to give crime and corruption free system without discrimination and to transform cities into smart cities instead of garbage.

On this occasion, State Public Works Minister Jitin Prasada, along with BJP’s authorized chairman’s candidates and councilors from all 9 municipal bodies, senior BJP officials were present.

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