Dr. Vaibhav Khanna, Sr. Consultant – Deptt. of Plastic Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, Medanta Hospital, Lucknow

As technology changes and the urge to look picture perfect and young grows, plastic surgery has been quite a rage among those who want to slow down ageing. Those having crossed 50 are forever eyeing that perfect look and doctors use their expertise but not without a word of caution. Dr. Vaibhav Khanna, a top plastic surgeon in the city says people might want to go under the knife but what is more important is staying naturally fit and healthy.

Someone who has gifted a large number of people a new look and appeal says, one must bring exercise, proper diet and sufficient sleep into their daily regimen. He says – getting up early and letting some fresh oxygen and walking help the average individual is not a bad idea.

As a doctor he has noticed people usually interested in facelifts and tummy tucking which helps in giving a person more confidence. He divides the process into invasive and non invasive. As a medical practitioner mindful of the hazards of plastic surgeries he says his first preference is a non invasive technique which brings down chances of physical anomalies in a patient. Among the most prominent techniques that are prevalent he says are Injections, botox, fillers and fat reduction.

Keeping the physical well being of the patient in mind, the doctor says laser is not a very preferable option unless very necessary. Another trend that has become a desired alternative especially among women is a mini facelift. Liposuction and tightening among them are common techniques. Unlike earlier inhibitions, now there is growing acceptance of such techniques in a city like Lucknow. There is a mushrooming of good centres where one can get the desired result.

Signing off, Dr. Khanna warns being aware of the right place for treatment matters. He underscores – do not go for makeshift clinics. Approach qualified doctors and a well equipped hospital. Looks are not everything.  

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