Neeharika Roy visits Lucknow to promote a special Holi high point on Zee TVs Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Photo: Anil Jaiswal
Lucknow: Zee TV’s fiction show Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan is a romantic drama based in modern-day Vrindavan that has been an audience favourite since its launch in May 2022. Essaying the intense character of Mohan is famous TV superstar Shabir Ahluwalia, who was last seen as Abhi in Zee TV’s longest-running, top-rated show Kumkum Bhagya. On the other hand, the role of Radha is played by Neeharika Roy. While the journey of Radha and Mohan has seen a lot of ups and downs over the last year, in recent episodes, viewers witnessed how after marrying Mohan, Radha is on a journey of uncovering the truth behind Tulsi’s death while dealing with Darnini (Sambhabana Mohanty) and her mother’s evil plans. In this process, unknowingly, Radha and Mohan are gradually getting close. To promote this interesting yet dramatic plot, the show’s lead actress- Neeharika Roy visited Lucknow today. Produced by Studio LSD Pvt Ltd, Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan airs everyday at 8 pm, only on Zee TV.
The audience is currently seeing Radha and Mohan celebrating their first Mahashivratri together, where Radha has kept a fast for Mohan and is also teaching Gungun about the customs and rituals of this auspicious occasion. Amidst the massive celebrations, a man wearing a hoodie helps Radha in searching for proof against Damini. And in the upcoming episodes, the viewers will get to watch the entry of Mohan’s maternal uncle who will bring in new twists and turns in the Holi celebration of the family. While every family member is happy with Mama Ji’s arrival, they are unaware of his intentions towards Radha. Even as colors soar high and a spirit of festivity is all around, the audience will get to see a very disturbing side of Mamaji in the course of an adverse turn of events that will happen during the auspicious festival of Holi. Mama Ji will use this festival to his advantage and try to inappropriately touch Radha.
This is where the show lands an extremely relevant message for its audience with regards to women’s safety and dignity. Initially seen as a docile girl, Radha is far more confident now and it will be interesting to see how she will take a stand not only for herself but also become the voice of countless women who have gone through similar experiences. Radha will teach Mohan’s Mama the lesson of his life when she calls him out for his indecent behavior. This track will reinforce how no woman should ever silently face unwanted advances, the unsettling male gaze or an unwelcome touch and always stand up for herself. The bigger question here is that despite their recent misgivings and disputes that are going on between them, will she be able to make Mohan understand the gravity of this situation… would Mohan and the whole family come out in support of Radha?

Talking about her visit to Lucknow, Neeharika Roy mentioned, “I am coming back to Lucknow almost after one year post our launch. I have never had the chance to play Holl In Lucknow, but I have heard a lot about the grand celebrations the city hosts during this festival. As for the show, Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, we’re gearing up for a different type of Holi on the show. It’s called the LathMaar holl that gets played in certain parts of India – something unique that viewers haven’t seen on TV so far. The story will talk about an extremely relevant message for its audience, that is, women’s safety, consent, and dignity.” She added, “If I talk about my visit to Lucknow today, I am definitely going to try the Lucknow special Gol Gappe, Tunde Ke Kababs and Chaat, along with purchasing the famous Chikankarl kurtis.”
While Neeharika is really enjoying herself in Lucknow, it will be interesting to watch how Radha will take stand for herself and teach Mohan’s Mama the lesson of his life. But will Mohan support her despite having recent disputes with Radha?
To watch what happens next, tune in to Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan every day at 8:00 PM, only on Zee TV!
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