Netizens go gaga as Salman Khan-Hrithik Roshan-Shah Rukh Khan to come together in Tiger 3

Mumbai: It’s worth saying, that Salman Khan is coming back as the OG spy of Bollywood, Tiger in Tiger 3 is the biggest thing currently. While the film is about to bring the next level of action to the big screens, what has grabbed the fire on social media now is the cameo of Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan in Tiger 3. This is indeed an exhilarating update as the biggest release of the year will see the three biggest stars coming together.

The netizens have been going gaga ever since the news of Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo in Tiger 3 has come to the surface. Leading the spy universe as Tiger, Salman Khan is definitely about to bring a storm with Tiger 3 while joining the team will be Kabir aka Hrithik Roshan from WAR, and Pathaan aka Shah Rukh Khan who are also a significant part of the spy universe. Apart from this, while the audience saw the smashing entry of Tiger in Pathaan, this time the action is going to be doubled as Shah Rukh Khan will also be seen making a cameo in Tiger 3. The chatter about this biggest phenomenon in the entertainment industry has spread like wildfire and netizens are expressing their excitement.

This is indeed the biggest team-up of the three biggest stars. Moreover, with Tiger – Pathaan – Kabir coming together in a single frame for the first time, it’s definitely going to be the biggest blockbuster the audience has ever witnessed.

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