Newage Formula to your Fitness

Arijit Bose

Lucknow: For journalist turned entrepreneur, Nihil Kumar, fitness was a passion that became an obsession and is now a very rewarding profession. Impeccably dressed, polite and fluent in English, he is very much the new startup guy, but one who has in a year turned around the way fitness is perceived by people.

Founder of Formula Fitness, Nihil just completed a year of his venture’s existence. Launched in Oct 20, 2020 his ultimate aim all this while has been to make Fitness a smarter experience. His idea of setting up Formula Fitness was changing the archaic notion that Mechanical machines helping you sweat are the ultimate means to a fitter you. He says – in the modern day and age being technology smart is the way forward and hence his venture is bringing for the city brands which were previously not in U.P.

The gadgets that he has brought in his latest lineup are Compact, light weight and portable. The latest offerings from Formula Fitness are having inbuilt softwares with personal training abilities.

Talking about the new brands that have been introduced are Nordic Track, Proform, Reebok and LifePro. All of them are different because they are powered by the I – Fit trainer. They are tailor made to find the venue through Google Maps. The setup works anywhere where the machine adjusts itself to the said terrain by way of virtual reality. The cycles have multiple modes.

Talking of his great run in a year, he says -after COVID 600 plus new clients made. There are 300 plus sales clients alone. We have managed 300 plus sales and maintenance. Talking of numbers, business in 1 year is more than 1 crore.

Nihil said, “ People are not aware about technology. People usually don’t want to make technology an experience. The drawbacks with other machines is that they look for muscle job, machines are cheaper but lack posture, durability and availability.”

He underscores, “My idea is that I want to not just deliver an equipment but a shopper experience. I am offering a store to door experience where on one call my personnel reaches the address in four hours. For now only applicable in Lucknow. There will be no installation or delivery charge. Aiming at a Launch ‘industries’/ tech smart fitness range. The idea is growing a community of fitness enthusiasts. Sweating it out is not enough. Product features are good, price reasonable, and product value for money.”

Starting from 1 brand now Formula Fitness has 9 plus brands. The most economic one is Aerofit. They have both Commercial and Domestic requirements factored in. Among the Elite brands are Startrack, StairMaster, Nautilus and Schwinn. Nihil adds, “The biggest strength is the experience that we bring to the table. We are technology savvy, we are smarter in approach and the power consumption is then care off. Pricing is our weakness. When one looks at Formula Fitness, he or she should look at the product quality, after sales services, we offer a company warranty and personal warranty and same day service with no delay.”

Summing up Nihil gives his message – Whenever you choose an equipment don’t focus on losing weight. Try making fitness a fun experience. Imagine talking to a trainer live making it a unique experience. If money is not an issue then I will give you a chance of recreation and fitness. I provide not a fitness equipment but a technology gadget. Fitness should be an engaging experience. I have connected personally with my clients. Our work makes us a formula to your fitness.

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