Now treatment of used water to help upscale its utility

Lucknow: The water used in homes, commercial establishments or institutions will now be treated and sold, and it will be used for irrigation of parks. For this, used water treatment plants will be set up in the cities. According to an estimate, the Urban Development Department will spend around Rs 1405 crore on this, out of which Rs 846 crore will be received from the Centre.

Sewerage or dirty water is the biggest problem in cities. Rivers get polluted due to dirty water. That is why along with sewerage, there is a ban on the flow of dirty water into the rivers. To purify such water, sewerage plants have been set up on the banks of rivers and drains in the cities.

Such water is collected and purified in these. Till now such water is not being used for any other purposes. That is why it has been decided at the highest level that along with the STP, a used water management plant should also be set up. In these, the water treated from STP will be further cleaned. After this, along with selling it to the industries on the basis of need, it will be used in the maintenance of the parks.

Used water management plant will be set up in big cities

In the first phase, brainstorming is going on to install it in cities with a population of more than 10 lakhs. After its success, it will be installed in other cities of the state. The Urban Development Department will soon conduct a survey for this. This plant will be planted where it is useful. In this, there will be a process of using ‘reused water’ and how to give it to the industries. The bodies will have to implement the guidelines issued from the government level by making their own bye-laws.

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