Numbers Galore, but all routes to the lines are busy in COVID hotbed U.P.

TLT Reporter

Lucknow: Lucknow has become an epicentre of the Corona outbreak. While the government and administration continues to make efforts to provide relief to patients in Lucknow, they have released a number of helpline numbers but none of them are reachable.

The mobile numbers were released by the administration along with a list of 55 private COVID hospitals, but it remains only on paper. Some of the numbers of a hospital is either getting switched off, or some of the numbers are wrong.

Few days ago, the Lucknow administration released a list. The administration also directed hospitals to record the number of admitted and discharged patients on the portal daily. It was also said that the availability chart of beds should be put out daily. Numbers of 55 private hospitals were also issued, so that anyone can call these numbers and get information about isolation beds, ICU beds and beds with ventilators and get their patient admitted.

Private hospitals are arbitrarily admitting patients and common people are wandering around. The issuing authority has not fully checked these numbers. There are reports that 10 out of 55 private hospitals received phone calls in turn. The phone of Vidya Hospital Harikanth Garhi, Rae Bareli Road was switched off, phone was not picked up at Mayo Hospital, Gomtinagar. In Vivekanand Hospital, the number of OP Chaudhary Hospital, Sultanpur Road turned out to be wrong. Even the likes of Sanjeevani Hospital located on Kursi Road went unanswered.

Reports also suggest that similar situation also happened with Kakori Hospital in Dubugga and SHM Hospital in Malihabad.

There are also sources who confirm that beds are empty, but are unable to admit patients due to lack of oxygen. The same situation of the city’s well-known hospitals like Sahara Hospital in Gomtinagar. The phone of Medanta Hospital located on Shaheed Path is also not available. Similar is the case with ApolloMedics in Alambagh, where several calls have not borne fruition.

Ever since the medical system of Uttar Pradesh went into the hands of the Administrative Officers (IAS), there was a shortage of staff and medicines in government hospitals. There have also been complaints of corruption and exploitation of employees on a large scale.

On the other hand, the PMS association has written a letter to the CM requesting that beds be reserved in hospitals for government doctors and their families treating Corona patients.

Balrampur hospital, the largest hospital in the capital has increased capacity but extra oxygen support beds, ICU, extra ventilator and staff remains a concern.

Even Ram Manohar Lohia Institute is suffering similar issues. UP Medical Corporation despite the funding has not made any preparations for this disaster say those who have been following the story.

It is also being said that the government officials are not informing the Chief Minister about the right situation. With hospitals falling short in their capabilities, most now prefer staying at home.

The government has often talked about improving the medical system, but some are calling it a hollow promise. In such a situation, due to poor medical system, the life of ordinary people is now on God’s mercy.

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