Ojas’22 carnival concludes at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow

Lucknow : The two-day inter-college annual cultural and literary fest Ojas’22 concluded on Saturday. Various competitions and events like Muggle Painters, Time Turner, RangManch, Oculus Reparo, Marauder’s Map, and Triwizard Tournament, Celebrity Night with Asees Kaur were organized. The participants in the ‘Trance’ event conveyed stories in the form of dance.

“This time the theme of Rang Manch revolved around the social issues prevailing in society. Six teams from different colleges participated in Rang Manch. We performed was “Respect of women”. The theme talked about how many women today are doing every thing to gain respect from the society but even after achieving all the things they are not getting the kind of respect they desereve”, said Animesh Tiwari, student coordinator of rang manch.

“Fashionista is one of the flagship events of Ojas. The theme this year was ‘A message to the world’. With the entire world in a turmoil with wars and environmental crises, the participants were asked to portray through their walks a message that they want to covey to the world.

With an overwhelming number of students from our college wanting to participate and show their skills, our college decided to send two teams. The first team portrayed theme Four Vices wherein they showcased that no matter how strong the evil is, the good will always overpower the evil and shine through. The second team decided on the theme ‘No particular role defines a woman’. They, portrayed through their walks and attires that you cannot fit a woman into a particular role. And a woman is a woman no matter what she does. Each team through their walks portrayed a powerful message and also mesmerized the audience with their captivating acts”, said Satya Gupta, student coordinator of Fashionista.


The celebrity night with Asees Kaur elevated an already stunning event to new heights. The participants enjoyed themselves at the fiesta with dancing, singing, and other amusing activities, but they also benefited from the thought-provoking events by learning how to better their management and leadership skills. The youth festival encouraged participants to hone their abilities and expand their horizons.

“The two-day fiesta went without a hitch and the audience had a fantastic time. contestants displayed remarkable intensity and competitive spirit in their pursuit of prizes. It was an unforgettable experience for the audience”, said Akhil, student at Jaipuria Institute.

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