On completion of 100 days, Mayor laid foundation stone and inaugurated 282 projects worth Rs 96 crore

Deputy Chief Minister said the historic work done by the Mayor in these 100 days

Many notable works have been done in the direction of daily work, from cleaning of streets to drains: Brijesh Pathak.

Lucknow: For the first time in the history of Municipal Corporation Lucknow, a 100 days 100 steps event was organized under the leadership of the Mayor. She has taken a vow that she will make Lucknow a smart city by bringing it to the first place.

The way the development work has been accelerated in these 100 days, the same development work will continue in the future and Lucknow will definitely develop as a smart city said the Mayor.

Objective 1 of 100 days is to develop Lucknow city with zero waste and zero tolerance. Today, on this golden occasion, foundation stone and inauguration of 282 projects worth Rs 96 crore was done. In the presence of Mayor Sushma Kharkwal, it was done by pressing the button by the Chief Guest, Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak.

Addressing everyone, the Mayor said that for this achievement, I thank all the 110 councilors, workers and all the officers and employees of the Municipal Corporation, who fully supported me in implementing the plans prepared by me and in this Achieved a historic achievement. She said that I have full confidence that I will continue to get continuous support from all of you in the future, so that Chief Minister and under the direction of the Defense Minister, I will be able to speed up the development works and bring Lucknow to the first position and succeed in making it a smart city.

During this, he also highlighted the achievements of the last 100 days, which are as follows:-

1. Due to non-discharge of its responsibilities by M/s Ecogreen, the company engaged for garbage collection works, its services have been terminated with immediate effect.

2. After termination of the services of M/s Ecogreen, out of 602 vehicles operated for primary garbage collection, more than 50% of the vehicles operated for primary garbage collection and approximately 50% of the vehicles operated for secondary garbage collection were immediately repaired on war footing and returned to Lucknow. Dedicated to the public.

3. Under the garbage policy, there will be a strategy of “Waste to Wealth” in the solid waste management policy. An action plan to generate CNG and electricity by recycling garbage has been implemented.

4.The daily salary of about 8500 sanitation workers was increased from Rs 308 to Rs 388 from the month of September.

5. On the call of the Mayor, six schools were adopted by businessmen.

6.Nine clinics will be renovated.

7. For the convenience of citizens, exemption in house tax will be increased.

8.500 new Summer Seville was approved by the Honorable Mayor of Lucknow City.

9. Lucknow city residents will be given free parking for half an hour in every government parking lot.

10. The tax collection of the Municipal Corporation has been revised, a target of Rs 550 crore has been given.

11. Arrangements were made for 08 new hydraulic sky lift platform vehicles for the operation and strengthening of road lighting system.

12. In view of environmental protection, 90 new CNG vehicles were operated in primary garbage collection and dedicated to the people of Lucknow.

13. In view of sewer cleaning and maintenance, 18 grave bucket desilting machines have been supplied and dedicated to solving the problems of the people of Lucknow city.

14. To provide protection to the destitute cattle in Kanha Upvan, 08 new cattle catching vehicles were made available in the Cattle Catching Department.

15. For primary garbage collection, the supply of 1215 new rickshaw trolleys, 300 garbage two-cycles, 2605 spades (shovels) and 1000 Hathu handcarts was obtained and dedicated to the people of Lucknow.

16. In view of the safety of the employees, the supply of 4132 safety helmets, 4132 safety goggles and 4132 rubber goggles for the work of garbage/debris disposal and sewer cleaning was obtained and dedicated to the people of Lucknow.

17. Supply of 600 dustbins of different capacities for secondary garbage collection was obtained and dedicated to the people of Lucknow.

18. Supply of 2605 new garden swords was obtained and dedicated to the people of Lucknow for cutting and pruning the bushes and grass growing in parks and side tracks.

19. To solve the years-old problem of waterlogging in Faizullaganj area, construction of track drain was started at a cost of Rs 210.00 crore.

20. To solve the age-old problem of waterlogging on the side of the National Highway in Ahmamau, construction work of pipe drain was done, which has brought a lot of convenience to the people.

21. In order to facilitate the public in the city, construction works of 23 roads and drains were completed and dedicated to the public at a cost of Rs 13.00 crore.

22 In view of the convenience of the public, approval has been given for 124 works of roads and drains amounting to Rs 33.00 crore from the 15th Finance Commission and Municipal Corporation Development Fund. The work is being progressed phase wise.

23. To solve the problem of waterlogging during the rainy season, 414 drains were cleaned.

24. To solve the problem of waterlogging in Jankipuram, the work of increasing the capacity of Jankipuram pumping station was done.

25. In view of the convenience of Manas, a total of 68 works worth Rs 569.20 lakh have been approved on priority by the Mayor. The work will be progressed soon.

26. To solve the problem of waterlogging, the Municipal Corporation made arrangements for 42 new de-watering pumps so that the problem of waterlogging at lower levels can be solved.

27. In view of environmental protection, the garbage collection fleet is being converted into CNG vehicles by the Municipal Corporation, Lucknow. CNG pumps are being installed to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

28. The Central Workshop of Municipal Corporation, Lucknow is being renovated and in the near future the Central Workshop of Municipal Corporation, Lucknow will be visible with a new look. Besides, it is also proposed to construct a new workshop.

29. With the objective of making Lucknow city green, tree plantation, Ayush Van, Nandan Van, Nagar Van will be developed using Miyawaki method, which will include the vacant land of Amausi, Village Setha, Village Rasulpur Kayastha, Aaraji of Village Samaj (green Belt) and an action plan for developing green belts on various routes has been prepared.

30. An action plan has been prepared for beautification by installing green belt and cemented pots on the divider located in the middle of the road from Nirala Nagar flyover to Purnia intersection and from Purnia intersection to Beligarh, Aliganj.

31. With the aim of providing a clean environment to the people of Lucknow city, an action plan has been prepared to renovate the old parks under the Municipal Corporation limits, install fountains and develop new parks.

32. An action plan has been prepared to purchase 04 tree-pruners/cutters and 01 grader and chipper machines and dedicate them to the people of Lucknow for pruning the branches of tall trees that have spread uncontrollably under the Municipal Corporation limits.

33. Work of physical beautification and maintenance of 72 parks located in Jankipuram Se0J and Se0 1 to 9 of Extension Scheme and parks located in Janakipuram Third Ward Mary Met and 17 different parks located under Municipal Corporation limits for improvement of air quality under the 15th Finance Commission. The work of beautification and maintenance is proposed.

34. Municipal Corporation, Lucknow has collected Rs. 00,000 from illegal occupants at different 06 places in the last 03 months. 33.85 acres of Municipal Corporation land worth Rs. 1,60,36,62,000/- was made encroachment free.

35. Installation of 15 new tube wells and reboring work of 33 new tube wells (approved) is proposed.

36. Construction work of 04  tube wells (approved) is proposed in the newly expanded area.

After highlighting these achievements, the Honorable Mayor claimed to give impetus to continuous development works in the future.

While addressing everyone, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Brijesh Pathak said that 100 days, 100 steps and Lucknow has moved towards new progress. He said that the hard work of Mayor Sushma Kharkwal in these 100 days seems to be successful on the ground and 282 projects worth Rs 96 crore are also the successful results of that hard work. He said that the Municipal Corporation has gained good popularity in these 100 days.

The work of making the city beautiful, clean and neat by working with the general public in the direction of daily work, which has been done under the direction and leadership of the Mayor, is definitely historic. For this, on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh Government, the Deputy Chief Minister extended greetings to the Mayor, Municipal Corporation officers and employees and all the city residents.

After this, Member Legislative Council  Mukesh Sharma, Member Legislative Council E. Avnish Kumar Singh, Member Legislative Council  Pawan Singh, Member Legislative Assembly  Neeraj Bora also addressed everyone. Congratulated the Mayor on this historic achievement and described the development work done in the last 100 days in Lucknow as historic.

He said that organizing such 100 days of achievements is historic because never before has such an event been organized by the Municipal Corporation. Was not organized in. Certainly Hon. Due to the tireless efforts of the Mayor, Lucknow will now come at number one and develop as a smart city.

In the said event, Member of Legislative Council  Mukesh Sharma, Member of Legislative Council E. Avnish Kumar, Member of Legislative Council  Pawan Singh, Member of Legislative Assembly  Neeraj Bora, Member of Legislative Assembly  Yogesh Shukla, Member of Legislative Assembly  Lalji Prasad. Nirmal ji, Deputy Chairman  Girish Gupta ji. All the Hon. Councilors, BJP workers and all the officers and employees of the Municipal Corporation were present in the event.

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