On World Navy Day, defence top brass pays respects at National War Memorial

General Anil Chauhan CDS, Admiral R Hari Kumar CNS, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari CAS & Lt Gen BS Raju VCOAS paid homage to the bravehearts at the National War Memorial on the occasion of Navy Day.

New Delhi: 4th December is a very special day for India. Which is Indian Navy Day. Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on this date.

On the occasion, Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar along with CDS General Anil Chauhan, IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary and Vice Army Chief Lt Gen BS Raju paid homage to the martyrs at the National War Memorial on the occasion of Navy Day.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated by tweeting. PM Narendra Modi tweeted – Happy Navy Day to all Navy personnel and their families. We in India are proud of our rich maritime history. The Indian Navy has staunchly defended our nation and distinguished itself by its humanitarian spirit during challenging times.

Why is Navy Day celebrated only on 4th December?

The special achievement of the Navy is the reason behind celebrating Navy Day in India on 4th December every year. In 1971, when there was a war between India and Pakistan for the liberation of Bangladesh. In the course of that war, on 4 December, the Indian Navy attacked Pakistan’s Karachi naval base and destroyed it. This day is celebrated in memory of its success.

The attack proved to be decisive

It was the result of the powerful and agile strategy of the Indian Navy that Pakistan was taken by surprise. And after this, Pakistan did not get a chance to recover in the war. At that time the land border of India and Pakistan was very high due to being with Bangladesh. Therefore, the importance of the Navy from the point of view of Pakistan was only that West Pakistan could send goods to East Pakistan only through the Navy.

Indian Navy’s role was huge in 1971

But against Pakistan’s expectation, Pakistan did not get a chance to recover after India surprised it through the Navy and pushed it on the backfoot. Not only this, the result of Indian Navy’s strategy was that West Pakistan could not provide any help to East Pakistan through its navy.

Navy golden victory year

The year 2021 marks the golden jubilee of the victory of the 1971 war. That’s why this time the Indian Navy is celebrating this day as the Golden Victory Year. The Indian Navy was established by the East India Company in 1612 which was later renamed the Royal Indian Navy and after independence it was renamed the Indian Navy from 1950.

Navy Day  changes

Navy Day in India was earlier celebrated with Trafalgar Day of the Royal Navy. Navy Day was first celebrated by the Royal Indian Navy on 21 October 1944. The purpose of celebrating this was to increase the awareness about the Navy among the common people. After the Second World War from 1945, Navy Day was celebrated on 1 December. After this, Navy Day was celebrated on 15th December till 1972 and since 1972, it has been celebrated on 4th December only.

4 Pakistani ships were destroyed

Indian Navy Day is celebrated on 4 December to commemorate the success of Operation Trident under which the Indian Navy destroyed the Karachi port. On this day the Indian Navy had sunk four Pakistani ships including its flagship PNS Khyber. Hundreds of Pakistani marines were killed in this operation. Today there is a need to work in the wider perspective of the Indian Navy. China is becoming a big challenge for India by implementing its ambitious expansionist policy. By increasing its presence in the Indian Ocean, it is trapping the countries along the Indian maritime borders with East Asia in its debt trap. This includes Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar. India is also trying to reduce the dominance of China along with America, Australia and Japan.

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