Only by focusing on dairy products can income of farmers increase : CM Yogi

Lucknow/ Mathura: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reached the Bhakti Vedanta Gurukul and International School campus run by ISKCON on  the second day of his two-day stay in Mathura. He visited the temple of Lord Shri Krishna and Balarama  and offered prayers. After this he inaugurated a dairy plant for milk processing run by Bhakti Vedanta Gurukul. He said that if we want to increase the income of the farmers, then we have to give priority to the products made from milk.

The Chief Minister said that efforts should be made to keep Indian breed cows safe. The Chief Minister said that today all the products are being made from cow’s milk . ISKCON should play an important role in this area. Here I have got to see an advanced breed of Indian cattle. Together we will have to work for the improved cattle of the Indian breed. This work is already being done in Mathura’s Veterinary University. ISKCON should go there and see and understand it.

The Chief Minister said that when destitute cows roam the streets, they sometimes become the reason for disturbance. The government is running many schemes for the protection of cows. The government is taking care of more than nine lakh cows inside the state. Continuous efforts are being made by the government to ensure that the cows of Indian breed remain safe.

He said that Lord Krishna and Radha Rani are seen in  Mathura. Today the statue of Lord Krishna and Dau was kept in the grand temple built in Gurukul here and it has been dedicated. Along with this, dedicated milk processing center for cow service has also been started.

The Chief Minister paid tribute to the founder of ISKCON, Swami Prabhupada Ji Maharaj, saying that he was a sanyasi and founded ISKCON with the Hare Krishna Movement. Along with the construction of 108 temples all over the world, he propagated the leela and devotion of Shrimad Bhagwat and Shri Krishna. Today his followers are associated with full energy in this field. In this episode, Gurukul was established here in 1976 and today two new links are attached to it.

The Chief Minister said that the land of Braj is the land of the incarnation of God. From here the saints made a global recognition. It is our responsibility that this earth should become the land of God’s Leela as well as the land of cow service. Not only milk products but also CNG are being made from Indian breed bovine, but paint is also being made from cow urine and dung in Badaun. We need to move forward with this work together. We have to give priority to natural farming. ISKCON will have to lead in this.

The Chief Minister said that in Mathura region, where there is the problem of salty water and salty soil, its solution is also the Jeevamrut and Ghanamrit made from Gomay. With this the poison of the earth can be eliminated. In addition, water conservation is also important. Today the cow is not limited to just giving milk. We can also associate it with natural forming. Natural farming instead of fertilizer and chemical farming has a positive effect on the purification and production of the crop along with the purification of the soil.

Calling upon ISKCON, the Chief Minister said that the organization should take up the initiative to promote milk processing by forming milk committees all over Mathura. He said that we have to form milk committees in every village with the help of women. If the income of the farmer is to be increased, then special work will have to be done on milk products, because we all know that more price than milk can be found in curd, butter and ghee. If we can do this then surely the farmer will get the benefit of it. Work will also have to be done in this direction so that cow processing center can be constructed in every tehsil.

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