Pavan Raj Malhotra: “I was initially scared to play Dhansu Yadav!”

Mumbai: Making any film or web series is a very intensive process due to the collaborative efforts of the people involved in any project. While everyone gears up to present a well-rounded, well-researched end product, they become a big family during the process of it. Be it veterans, newbies or crew; it is not about the role they play or their seniority; it is all about the shared experience that translates into one exciting project. Pavan Malhotra is one of the most celebrated names in the industry given his body of work. Attention to details and intricacies of characters is what truly defines his performance on screen.

Following his phenomenal journey in the industry, he is known for his maturity, warmth and plays the role of a mentor to young actors even while perfecting his craft like he recently was seen doing during the making of MX Player’s Shiksha Mandal. From bonding with juniors on the sets to sharpening his character by picking up behavioural traits, he learned and unlearned many aspects of playing the character Dhansu Yadav.

Pavan Raj Malhotra said, “The major motivation to do Shiksha Mandal is its gripping storyline which revolves around the basic framework of the education sector. Also, the dialect of the character that I’m enacting was new to me. Even though I had assistance to perfect the diction, I was initially scared to play Dhansu Yadav due to the unique dialect. I’m generally very nervous before starting any new project. However, working with the new and junior actors in Shiksha Mandal brought a sense of freshness and so much energy on the sets. There was so much to learn from these kids about their way of working and their perspective on life and work. While I hope I was able to contribute something to them with my experiences, I surely enjoyed my time with them during the shoot of the show.”

The film also stars Gauahar Khan and Gulshan Devaiah and reveals corruption taking place at large institutions in the guise of education and how students are exploited for financial gain. Pavan Raj Malhotra plays the villain behind several illegal activities in the show.

Watch Shiksha Mandal…India’s Biggest Education Scam’ only on MX Player.

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