Pick your IVF Centre Wisely: Dr. Kumudini Chauhan

Photo by Anil Jaiswal
  • We are very particular about not giving out sex of child
  • Pick your IVF centre after due consideration to facilities
  • COVID protocols very much part of due process
  • Post 50 advisable to not have IVF
  • Demand full transparency from IVF centre

Lucknow: As a gynaecologist and IVF expert, Dr. Kumudini Chauhan has handled many complex cases and knows fully well that In Vitro Fertilization is a high risk domain. Having sound understanding of the nuts and bolts of IVF process, she tells The Lucknow Tribune that full transparency at a centre is the key to good treatment without which one is cheating the patient.

Dr. Kumudini says – Knowing fully well that there are still some who want to ascertain what sex the child is, we have made it very clear that technology will only be used to ascertain genetic anomalies if any. Sex determination is not promoted in any way. After the ART Bill came into effect checking abortion it has definitely streamlined and regularized the way IVF sector works. IVF essentially is best applicable to such couples who have no kids. There has been rampant misuse of IVF technology in the past. At the heart of the IVF process is issues in conceiving, be it embryo generation and also picking the right donor egg. In modern best practices, we usually suggest following the principle of 1 donor, 1 couple. This way one avoids the chances of same DNA marriages which lead to genetic defects being high. As practitioners of IVF we propagate no IVF after the age of 50. If done at a very late stage it can lead to severe health complications. It is also not advisable for late conception because then at a later stage chances are by the time the child grows up, the parents are gone.

So how does one ascertain that someone needs IVF? Dr Kumudini says – There is a laproscopy done to confirm this problem. Once confirmed it is treated suitably. In 35 plus individuals when eggs are low then it is advisable that use a donor egg. In case there is low sperm count then there are techniques like TESA or ICSI where sperm can be extracted and then the IVF procedure is carried out. As a message to the people the doctor said that if one sees chances of a natural conception then the doctor must counsel the patient. A timely IVF helps which then does not require a Donor Egg.

“There is corporatization is every sphere, so is IVF. As population increases there are a sizable number of couples who do not have kids and go in for IVF. Awareness is high, for infertility management there are greater number of IVF centres. As clinicians we must also inform the patient the possibilities options the patient has beyond IVF,” she adds.

Has life changed after Corona, she agrees. She underscores – We still need to be cautious about Corona because it is still in the air. The vaccination does not have a bad impact on the patient. With the virus still around, we always maintain distancing and masks. With good nutrition, better immunity follows. Seriousness in terms of protocols are being followed at all levels. Be it doctors or patients. Sanitization and sterilization has now become a regular process.

In the last decade things have improved in terms of health infrastructure. She said, “While there is remarkable improvement more needs to be done. Maternal mortality rate should be nil. IVF is generally about high risk pregnancies for which there needs to be a proper setup and a multi disciplinary approach is required. The person must clear whether she truly needs IVF. First take an opinion from an expert on infertility. If you have zeroed down on IVF decide where from you want the IVF treatment. Get treatment in a place where all IVF facilities are available. A laboratory exists, a team of embryologists is ready, the IVF procedures are transparent and clear, injections, embryos, eggs and full information sharing is ensured. With the treatment involving high risk after pregnancy management team should be present under one roof.”


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