Pollution needs check in Nawabi city

Lucknow: Stifling air in the bitter cold, people walking with masks on their faces, long queues in hospitals for cough, cold and respiratory patients, children and elderly people confined in their homes and silence in public places even during the day. If you see such a scene in the capital Lucknow in the middle of November, then there is no need to be surprised. The reason is that right now the people responsible for dealing with the serious problem of air pollution are caught in a bind. As the mornings and evenings are becoming rosy cold, the level of deadly danger is also increasing.

People going out for morning walk have started breathing short of breath and are going out only with masks on their faces. However, currently the weather is clearing due to sunshine till eight-nine o’clock, but as the day passes, the fog will become denser. The festival of Diwali is near and people are busy preparing to celebrate it. On this festival, there will be huge fireworks in the city, which will poison the air of the capital to some extent.

While the common people are already losing their sleep due to this deepening crisis, the officials of the government departments are still in deep sleep. According to IQAir on Wednesday 01 November, the air quality index of the capital Lucknow is 154, which is in the category of unhealthy. From this figure, it can be easily estimated how high these figures will reach when the cold is at its highest level. Along with the industrial and commercial areas of the capital, the level of pollution in the air of residential areas is also increasing rapidly.

The air pollution in the city’s industrial area Talkatora, commercial area Lalbagh-Hazratganj and residential areas Gomtinagar-Aliganj is monitored online by the Central Pollution Control Board, but the air in these places is getting worse day by day. The responsibility of keeping the city’s air pure lies with Lucknow Municipal Corporation, Pollution Control Board, Lucknow Development Authority and District Administration, but till now the officials of these departments do not seem to be even serious about air pollution. It is the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation to maintain the cleanliness system in the capital and to prevent open burning of garbage, but it seems to have completely failed in this task.

Garbage is still being burnt in the open at many places, due to which the poisonous gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc. are making the air even more polluted. Apart from this, the wood and coal stoves burning in thousands of slums in the city are also poisoning the air. Construction work is still being carried out in the open indiscriminately in the city. The people carrying out the construction work are neither using green net nor keeping the building materials covered. In such a situation, its microscopic particles, along with the moving air throughout the day, are mixing in the atmosphere and making it poisonous.

The dust accumulated on the roadside tracks is being blown into the air by passing vehicles throughout the day, but neither water fogging is being done nor any campaign is being run to clear the dust. Even though the police and administration make lakhs of claims to improve the traffic system of the city, vehicles keep crawling on the roads throughout the day and the smoke coming out of the vehicles keeps polluting the air all the time. Hundreds of vehicles are seen stuck in traffic jams on the busiest roads of the city and in major markets.

Air quality monitoring system will have to be installed at construction sites

Construction of uncovered buildings will no longer be possible in cities because the Development Authority and the Housing Development Council will now strictly monitor it. Along with the building under construction, the construction material and debris used in it will also have to be covered, so that it does not spread air pollution.

Not only this, those carrying out construction work will also have to install an air quality monitoring system within a month to keep an eye on air pollution. Regarding this, in the government order issued by Nitin Ramesh Gokarn, Additional Chief Secretary, Housing and Urban Planning Department, to the Housing Commissioner as well as the Chairman of the Special Area, Vice Chairman of Development Authorities and District Magistrates of the regulated area, take effective steps for effective prevention of air pollution. Instructions have been given.

Advisory issued regarding Diwali

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board has issued an advisory regarding Diwali festival and has appealed to the people to follow some rules. The board has appealed not to use excessively noisy firecrackers. Do not burst firecrackers within a radius of at least 100 meters from quiet areas like hospitals, educational institutions, courts, religious places or areas declared by the competent authority. Apart from this, burst only green crackers i.e. those without barium salt within the stipulated time limit.

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