Power of Nine takes centre stage at this art extravaganza in town

Lucknow: Nine Concepts… exhibition of Paintings is a group show that showcases the work of nine contemporary artists, who are prominent and their work shows immense power and style. All of them have an innate style, whether abstract or traditional.

Bhupender Asthana

Dheeraj Yadav

Manisha Kumari

Menaz Bano

Pinki Kumari

Ratnpriya Kant

Samvedna Vaish

Vandana Josi

Vijay Sharma

Dheeraj Yadav

As this series is painted on old books that are opened to a page that might be arbitrary but the fact that it is opened on one particular page sets the canvas base, its slopes, it’s topography that lends a unique dynamism to the art piece. His line work (mysterious lines) on old books and maps that creates a story within a story. His expressive lines are read in conjunction with the background giving it a new aspect because the traces of the background are seen through the palimpsest of the layers of lines, natural wash, colour,figures, where the forms are created with a casual doodling technique. There are areas in the work that have flat colour but doesn’t seem so because that is also divided through lines, which according to him divert the mind and eye into the contours rather than the flatness of the paint. The technique of uneven colour is also used to take away the dominance of one colour, so that the lines are supreme. He works with mixed media.

Bhupendra Asthana

His canvasses are like a palimpsest, where the glimpses of the various layers make the final vision. What is finally highlighted remains a mystery and can be interpreted at different levels. This also adds a textural quality to the canvass. The pen and ink work has its own attraction where more realistic issues are realized through powerful black and white depiction or a semi-collage. The final figure on the canvas is like a ‘masque’ that alludes to many other things but the one that is evident. He uses the doodling technique to bring out his emotions. His work in in pen and ink on Paper.

Samvedana Vaishya

Her work is mixed media and she is currently delving into the theme of Varanasi, where the hues of red, orange and black dominate her canvasses, the thread is used as another layer that enhances the power of the lines that are portrayed by the colours. Another layer of the mantras that are calligraphed like etchings add another dimension of the religiosity to it.  The abstract depiction of what Varanasi stands for comes across powerfully through her brush.

Manisha Kumari

She uses the doodling technique to fill the canvas with thematic figures like the nature… with varying scales of objects with varying colours, which gives a feeling of a flat perspective that itself is a misnomer. One is almost drowned in this illusive depth. The flat transparent layer of paint on part of the canvas adds to that feel. Her canvasses are almost a depiction of the universe that encompass the micro-cosmos to the macro. She works with acrylic on canvas.

Pinky Kumari

Her work brings out the issues of the marginalized… the animals, the girls child, the female and highlights their plight in a forceful manner. Her work seems realistic and yet the textural background and foreground gives it an abstract surreal feel. She works in acrylic on canvas.

Mainaz Bano

Her canvasses narrate a story in acrylic. They relate a story of the past in a contemporary setting. Apparently, the miniature style of painting conveys a commentary of the present. The textural quality of the canvas comes alive with the patterned foreground contrasted with the plain backgrounds. There are these contrasts that one feels in her work like the past and present, the present and the future. Her work is in acrylic on canvas.

Ratnapriya Kant

Her style of painting is also the miniature style but portrays the issues of contemporary world. The detailing and the strokes are inspired from the miniature form of painting. Very subtle allusions and symbolic representations are present in the canvas that have references to the issues faced by women or are a commentary on the present day. She works with acrylic on canvas.

Vandana Josi

She is the torch bearer of keeping our traditional art of ‘Phad painting” alive. Phad is basically a portrayal of the religious festivals, rituals and stories alive through painting, demonstrating them in neighbourhood through singing, dancing and storytelling. The paper or cloth is divide into parts and various stages of the story or narration is picturized chronologically on it in typical colours of red yellow and green through stylized human figures. It has obviously rooted in folk culture.

Vijay Sharma

Padam Sri Vijay Sharma practices and promotes the traditional art of the Pahari style of miniature painting. He is an eminent and established researcher, teacher of the Pahari style of miniature paintings. The Kangra paintings he paints have colours made of vegetable and mineral extracts and are cool and fresh. There is a  lyrical blending of form and colour. The figures or narratives are mostly from mythology and are bold in depiction.


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