Previous Govts’ divided society for votebank; deprived poor of benefits: CM

Lucknow: Stating that the poor and underprivileged remained deprived of benefitting from ambitious government schemes like PMAY before 2017, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that previous governments divided the society to salvage the ‘lost political ground’ and to increase their vote bank. “Their neglect reveals their ‘real concern’ for the needy,” he said.

Addressing during the ‘GrihaPravesh’ of beneficiaries under CM Awas Scheme, and distribution of the first installment to about 34,500 beneficiaries on Tuesday, the CM said, “Before 2017, even ambitious schemes like PMAY remained ineffectively implemented in the state which reveals the ‘real intentions’ previous governments had for the needy and poor. They only divided the society for vote bank, never cared to provide benefits to weaker sections.”

On the occasion, under CM Awas Scheme (Rural), the CM distributed Rs 143 crore as first installment to the beneficiaries of 34,500 houses to be constructed at a cost of Rs 426.94 crore and also distributed keys to the beneficiaries of 39,000 houses constructed at a cost of Rs 478.49 crore.

The CM went on to say, “It is our good fortune that on the occasion of Tribal Pride Day, gifts worth more than Rs 905 crore are being provided to the beneficiaries. May it be any government scheme, no one has been allowed to intervene. The process has been kept transparent, all middlemen have been eliminated. All benefits now directly reach the needy,”

Slamming the previous governments, the CM said that the state government in 2016 did not care to send proposals at its level. “We ensured every beneficiary who remained deprived of benefitting under PMAY is provided shelter under the ‘MukhyamantriAwaasSceme’.”

So far, 45 lakh poor people in rural and urban areas, including 27 lakh in rural and over 17 lakh in urban have been provided homes under the PMAY scheme with utmost transparency, he added.

“PM Awas scheme or CM Awas schemes are not just the mediums to benefit any one beneficiary, it is linked to the campaign under the guidance of PM Modi towards his economic upliftment of the poor and deprived,” remarked Yogi.

Asserting that having incompetent government results in welfare schemes becoming a medium of ‘scams’, Yogi said, “A government with positive intent ensures that every section benefits from government schemes whereas an incompetent or ineligible government makes welfare schemes a medium of ‘scams’ resulting in failure.”

He continued: “We provided toilets to over 1.63 crore families in the state on a large scale, conducted fair surveys and provided houses, toilets, gas cylinders, health cover, and protection to daughters.”

The Chief Minister said that even after 75 years of independence, till about 70 years, the Musahars were deprived of rights. The Musahars were given voting rights and the government is working for the upliftment of about 54 communities that remained underprivileged after independence, said the CM.

Urging public participation, Yogi said, “It is extremely important for the public to equally work hard for development. The government will continue to provide benefits, however, only with concerted efforts and dedication can a society progress as a whole.”

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