Pulse polio campaign gives a feeling of collective strength – Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that polio is a contagious disease. The solution to this infectious disease has been found through collective efforts. The pulse polio campaign in the country gives a feeling of this collective strength. Treatment is the key to prevention of disease. By taking appropriate steps at the initial stage, by making people aware of the diseases, a large number of casualties can be prevented.

The Chief Minister was expressing his views after launching the Pulse Polio campaign at his official residence. He started the Pulse Polio campaign by administering polio drops to 10 children. He said that only a healthy society can realize the vision of a strong nation. For the last 12 years, no case of polio has been seen in the state. To make the Pulse Polio campaign successful, booth installation and awareness programs have been conducted in villages and localities. WHO, UNICEF and various voluntary organizations have taken this campaign to new heights by partnering with the health department. The results of this are in front of all of us.

The Chief Minister said that the Pulse Polio campaign, dedicated towards the goal of making the country and the state polio free, is starting. Under this campaign, polio doses will be given to children in the age group of 01 to 05 years. On the first day of the Polio campaign, more than 77 thousand polio booths have been made. From the second day onwards, more than 48 thousand mobile teams are being formed and sent door-to-door. He said that till the whole world will not be free from this disease, then we will have to join this program with a vigilance point of view.

The Chief Minister said that India’s awareness of health in a democratic system tells a new success story. By living life with democratic values ​​and ideals, 135 crore people have been freed from this infectious disease. Polio disease being contagious, it can easily spread from one place to another. Polio has not been controlled in Pakistan, Afghanistan and some selected countries of the world. With this view, Pulse Polio campaign is being conducted every year at the government level to eradicate polio for vigilance. By giving two drops of polio drops, the child can be kept healthy for life. Negligence makes it physically handicapped, it is a national loss. India had achieved the goal of eradicating polio a decade ago.

The Chief Minister said that between mid-July to mid-November, there was a possibility of outbreak of encephalitis in eastern Uttar Pradesh. Encephalitis has been controlled in the state due to the steps taken by the state government. Till September this year, only 40 patients of encephalitis have been found. In this, 07 patients are of Japanese Encephalitis and 33 are of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome. There is zero death this year. The result of effective use of existing resources, inter-departmental coordination and effective implementation of close monitoring programs at every level is in front of everyone. The story of controlling encephalitis draws everyone’s attention to the most successful model of the state.

Expressing his gratitude to Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  for running various programs for communicable diseases control in the country, the Chief Minister said that the State Government is conducting communicable diseases control program 03 times a year. Cases of dengue, kala-azar, malaria are seen during the rainy season. Effective control of these diseases has been achieved by the State Government. Some districts of Nepal’s Terai and eastern Uttar Pradesh were affected by encephalitis. Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Firozabad, Mathura and Aligarh districts were vulnerable to dengue. The areas around Bareilly and Badaun were vulnerable to malaria. The region of Bundelkhand was sensitive to Kala-azar. As a result of timely effective efforts and awareness by the State Government, success has been achieved in achieving effective control of all these communicable diseases. Today everyone in the state feels safe.

The Chief Minister said that India is the largest country in the world leading a life of democratic values. Where everyone is free to have his fundamental rights. The country has presented its best model of corona management in front of the world. 200 crore doses of Covid vaccine have been given free of cost in the country. More than 38 crore doses of Kovid vaccine and more than 03 crore 77 lakh prescription doses have been given in the state.

The Chief Minister said that the state has achieved good success in the National Family Health Survey. Success has been achieved in controlling the level of anemia in pregnant women and adolescent girls in the state. In this the state average is better than the national average. The state is moving towards the national average in controlling infant and maternal mortality. Appealing to the people, he said that the Pulse Polio campaign is a national program to save the present and the future. In this, religious leaders, society as well as health organizations will have to be involved. No child should be left out from getting a polio dose. Let us work by being a part of this campaign. It will be our national duty to give all types of vaccines to all children.

The Chief Minister said that Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao and Mukhyamantri Kanya Sumangala Yojana are being operated in the state. Providing security and protection to daughters through Chief Minister Kanya Sumangala Yojana being done. Dowry-free marriage is being encouraged through the Chief Minister’s Mass Marriage Scheme. Dowry-free marriages of 2 lakh daughters have been completed in the state. At the level of the government, work has been done to provide an amount of Rs.51 thousand in each marriage to those families.
On this occasion, Deputy Chief Minister  Brajesh Pathak said that all children have to drink two drops of life under the Pulse Polio campaign. In view of the situation of polio infection in some countries and neighboring countries of the world, pulse polio campaign is being conducted for vigilance. Under this campaign, more than 02 crore 28 lakh polio doses will be given in 50 districts. The health department of the state is committed to provide world class health facilities.

Minister of State for Medical Education, Medical and Health and Family Welfare, Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh said that polio is a contagious disease. Due to permanent disability in childhood, sometimes it proves to be fatal. With the cooperation of the government and the general public, eradication of polio in India has been possible. India was declared polio free by the WHO on March 27, 2014.
On this occasion, Chief Secretary  Durga Shankar Mishra, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Home and Information  Sanjay Prasad, Principal Secretary Medical  Partha Sarathi Sen Sharma along with senior officers and health workers of the administration were present.

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