Rahul Gandhi has become a symbol of Bharat Jodo Yatra – Digvijay Singh

Turuvakere:  Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh said that Rahul Gandhi has become a symbol of ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ and he will be seen in a new avatar after the yatra. Singh is joining the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ that started from Kanyakumari. He said in an interview to ‘PTI-Bhasha’ that the yatra has definitely affected the Congress positively, as it is the first time after many years that this oldest party in remote areas and villages is being discussed about. People are very impressed that Rahul Gandhi is joining the entire padyatra.

He said the yatra would help strengthen the party. Singh said that at present the Congress lacks commitment to ideology and leadership. Rahul Gandhi is leading the journey starting from Kanyakumari and ending in Jammu and Kashmir. Several Congress leaders will walk 3,500 km during the yatra. Singh, the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister, said, “If someone makes ‘tyag’ (sacrifice) in this country, he is always blessed. Sonia Gandhi ‘resigned’ the post of Prime Minister. And here Rahul Gandhi is walking in the yatra, sweating in the heat, standing in the rain, fighting against all kinds of fake news and defamation. He has become a symbol of India couple.

When asked how the Yatra has helped Rahul, Singh said, “Now you will see him in a new avatar.” He said that he has known Rahul for a long time and once he decides to do something, nothing can stop him from achieving it. On Rahul’s political journey ahead, he said, “The day he takes a decision, no one will be able to stop him.” Seen as a deeply committed person. He won’t let you go until he gives his answers. And, he is a sensible leader. Also very spiritual.

Singh had entered the race for the post of Congress President, but later dropped out and became a proponent of senior party leader Mallikarjun Kharge. He said that the Congress is far behind the BJP in terms of organization. BJP is a party based on workers. He said that the Congress has been a part of a mass movement and new leaders have emerged from the previous movements. “Obviously, a new leadership will emerge in the party,” he said, adding that those who are taking part in the yatra have left their homes and are showing their commitment. Elections for the post of Congress President will be held on October 17 and the results will be declared on October 19.

Singh, a veteran Congress leader, also highlighted the weaknesses of the party and efforts to overcome them. He lamented that the party lacks commitment to ideology and leadership. Singh said the party appeared to be confused. “One of the biggest weaknesses of the Congress party is that it works in rooms. In today’s era, the Congress leaders have no connection with the land. We have tried to do that through this journey. We are working on this.”

Talking about the yatra, he said that he has appointed coordinators for every state and district and key body and cells of the party are also doing the same, which will help in strengthening the organization at the grassroots level. He said that party leaders have been entrusted with the task of visiting people from door to door. He said that the biggest achievement of the Yatra is what the media is now showing us. Congress workers have come out of their homes and came out on the streets and streets.

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