Rakesh Patel & the evolution of a self made artist

Lucknow: Rakesh Patel is a Gujarati artist who has seen the rough and tumble of life and has progressed with each stroke and today has become a force to reckon with in the art world. From starting humble, Rakesh has displayed his finesse for art and has evolved from just a simple artist to someone who has mastered not just kinetics but also thematic representations that denote the Ahmedabadi culture and human emotions.

All this while making use of special objects to standout. Rakesh Patel has worked on diverse subjects and materials. It is a synthesis of his experiences, surroundings and situations that surface through mediums, materials and techniques.

Extensive travelling exposed him to the world of art through museums that he feels has attributed to his current series. Born and brought up in Ahmedabad, he witnessed the old and the new city.  Highly moved by the growing urban landscape, he began working on it in huge sizes using electronic scraps to create kinetic installations that are interactive. It allows the viewer to engage, connect and experience the work.  He believes that we live in a digital world that is more materialistically driven.

Using E-waste symbolizes the urban landscape and how our lives revolve and evolve around it. It also portrays a bitter truth of loosing personal touch to the virtual connectedness. The motion in his installation depicts ones vicious continual journey.

Patel shared his art journey in detail at the online forum of the Asthana Art Forum event. Special guest Priya Adhyaru Majithia was from Ahmedabad as well as artist and writer Bharvi Trivedi to talk to the artist. Bhupendra Kumar Asthana, convenor of Asthana Art Forum, explained in detail about this art talk and studios visit. His experience introduced him to world art, which relates to his current series.

Rakesh has participated in five art residencies, nine solo exhibitions, numerous workshops, art projects, around 75 mass exhibitions in India and other countries like Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Bahrain, New York etc.

Rakesh Patel has been actively participating in the field of art for 20 years. When asked about his influenes, Patel said, “He was influenced by the environment around, they have been constantly experimenting with all expressions. In his portrait, the expressions of all faces are visible in the form of paintings. Currently doing great installation art by experimenting with e-waste (all hardware) taking their ideas. He has also participated in many exhibitions, workshops and art festivals and is doing it consistently.”

As an artist Rakesh Patel said that his human portraits were driven by empathy more than psychology. He said he grew up playing from the same hardware and nut bolts instead of toys. Somewhere or the same habit, Rakesh also got a facility to create artworks by using them in his art. Rakesh is very experimental, using different new materials in his artworks. Stayed in London for two years and when he came back to India, his work changed a lot. Rakesh started a group called Art Affair with five of his friends. And in this group, artists who experiment with new mediums get a chance and also show their exhibitions. During the lockdown of Covid 19, the portraits made a lot of portraits about migrant workers. Recently, Rakesh Patel’s art work has also been included in India’s largest auction saffron art gallery.

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