Record storage of morung done says Dr Roshan Jacob

Lucknow: Under the guidance of  Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and under the leadership of Secretary/Director Geology and Mining Department of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Roshan Jacob, despite the odd circumstances of the second wave of Covid-19, this year more than 2 times storage has been done at storage sites as compared to last year. This is going to prove helpful so that it can be easily available to the consumers at affordable rates during the monsoon period.

Director Geology and Mining Dr. Roshan Jacob informed that under the able guidance of the Chief Minister, a solid and effective strategy for storage of morung was made, which has yielded fruitful and positive results.

Dr. Jacob said that till June last year, 3919404 cubic meters of sand/morung was stored, this year only 6144847 cubic meters of sand/morung has been stored till June 23. It has been told that in the current financial year so far more than 4759194 cubic meters of moorang has been stored and is still being stored, which is double as compared to last year and 4 times more than in year 2019-20.

The thing is that last year 2419837 Morung was stored in 15 districts, this time double storage has been ensured in 12 districts only as compared to last year.

The districts where the storage has been done include Jhansi, Jalaun, Fatehpur, Kaushambi, Chitrakoot, Banda Hamirpur, Ayodhya, Lucknow, Unnao, Kanpur Nagar and Sonbhadra, in which the maximum storage is 1635000 cubic meters in the district Jalaun and the lowest in Ayodhya. 250 cubic meters. Sufficient amount of sand has also been stored in the state in excess of 1099941 cubic meters.

Last year only 1068625 cubic meters of it was stored. The storage of sand is done in 26 districts of the state. Apart from this, the storage of 285712 cubic meter RBM has also been ensured.

It is to be noted that during the monsoon period July, August and September mining from the river bed is restricted. With the aim of encouraging mining work/enterprise and ensuring easy availability to the public, arrangements for maximum storage have been ensured by the state government.

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