Rectifying Aadhaar anomalies for jail inmates on the cards: DG Jail Anand Kumar

Lucknow: Under the guidelines issued by the  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the State Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Government,  DG Jail Anand Kumar, while talking of the measures for the education and improvement of the prisoners in the state jails, at present and making Aadhaar cards of the prisoners a campaign has been started to remove the errors in their Aadhaar cards.

Objectives of Central and State Government prisoner reform schemes like education, training, skill development, easy, transparent and speedy implementation of the process of release and rehabilitation and to reform the prisoners detained in prisons and make them self-reliant and return them to the mainstream of society.

The work of making Aadhaar cards of the prisoners detained in the jails has started. This work is being done by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UDAI) in every jail of the state.

New Aadhaar card is being made for such prisoners who do not have Aadhaar card. The prisoners who have Aadhaar card, but any amendment is necessary, then the Aadhaar card of such prisoners is also being revised.

For this, the “Prisoner Induction Document” of the concerned prisoners issued by the Jail Superintendent is being accepted by UIDAI as necessary record.

According to DG Jail Anand Kumar, this is a very ambitious plan. If this is successful, not only will the administration of jails become more transparent, but the work of prisoner education and reformation will also speed up.

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