Revolutionary Naario Mommas

75 years and women are just seeing independence!

We all love our independence, don’t we? The freedom to say and do whatever we want, makes us all happy and filled with glee. But how many times do we take a step back and look around us? Our moms, for instance. How many times do we think about the fact that our mom might have had to give a piece of her freedom up, only to be able to offer that to us? Let’s talk about one such venture today which started with this very idea!

In order to see women free and confident, Naario started working by the principle of giving equal opportunity to women. Naario acknowledges the day to day struggles of homemakers and their aspirations of living life on their own terms. Each of whom are immensely talented but did not have the needed platform to give their dreams wings.

Naario is India’s first women-led food products brand to offer natural, organic, and great tasting products, all pioneered by homemakers. Part of its niche product range are Lucknowi Masala, Garam Masala, Jaggery Powder, Classic Muesli, 9 in 1 Flour Mix and Rose Sherbet. All of these products are natural, nutritious and they are handcrafted to perfection by motherly love. No wonder they are serving customers across the country today.

Vandana Sharma, Head of Naario Community speaking to The Lucknow Tribune said that Naario was part of a recent charity gala in Lucknow along with its partners. The gala was a massive draw. Ladies got a special platform to showcase their talent and the response from the crowd was equally good. The special Rakhi Teej hamper display at the venue was liked by one and all.

Vandana further added, Naario is not just about boosting business opportunities, it is also helping women walk the unbeaten track with their head held high. It furthers the need to enhance a woman’s personality, especially those who are 30 – 50 years of age and are without a job taking care of children and family. In this noble venture Naario calls upon like – minded women from Lucknow who want to join them in writing a new history.

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