Rising from humble origins, wonder woman Manya Singh crowned Miss India runner up

Deoria: Little did Manya Singh who hails from a humble family of Deoria know that one day she will be crowned Miss India after beating all odds.  Born in Vikram Vishunpur village in Baitalpur block of Deoria to an autorickshaw driver and a hairdresser, Manya stole the show as runner up, even though Manasa Varanasi got crowned Miss India, 2020. She herself admits that she put in years of hard work, minus food and sleepless nights. She wore clothes that were passed on to her second hand.

Her parents at a point had to mortgage her mother’s jewellery to pay exam fee for a degree. Manya fled home at 14, studied in the day, washed dishes in the evening and worked at a call centre at night. All she wanted was a better life for the family that has seen poverty closely.

Manya’s family stayed for some time in a house in Kushinagar. Manya moved to Mumbai and now lives in a rented house in Kandivali.  After 10th standard, she did her studies from Mumbai itself. Graduated in Banking & Insurance from Thakur College of Science.  When she went to take part in the competition she was returned from the gate once, this triggered that zeal to one day makes her mark. Manya shows if you have a will you will get it.

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