Robin Hood Army plans to serve 75 lakh meals to the needy to mark 75 years of India’s Independence

Lucknow: The 75th year of India’s independence has been a milestone year in Robinhood Army’s journey of serving the less fortunate. As millions lost their loved ones and their basic means of livelihood to COVID-19, the country was faced with the starkest hunger and health crisis in recent history.

But in these toughest of times, one witnessed something truly magical. People from all walks of life came together to support each other. The ability to go beyond our means to help and the realization that we are stronger when we stand together has never been more evident.

This Independence Day, with #Mission75, – RHA celebrates this spirit of giving and renews the vow to stand united in the service of fellow citizens.

Robin Hood Army is a group of young professionals, students and senior citizens who have taken to the streets in their free time to fight global hunger. RHA collects excess food from restaurants and redistributes it to the less fortunate. Through a passionate team and the help of social media and the press, in 8 years they have served food to 100 million people across 350+ cities. They have a strict no-funds approach and scale up through partnerships and volunteers.

Embarking on #Mission75 together with media houses, corporates, technology partners and mass influencers, RHA has following objectives:

75 lakh meals, 200,000 RHA volunteers together with partners will serve meals to 75 lakh Indians, 75 lives empowered X 350+ cities, each of 350+ cities will identify 75 needy individuals and be the catalyst in making a life changing impact for them. Special areas of focus in mission to empower 26,000 lives include resources and aid for people with physical and mental disabilities; provision of health care and making available opportunities for employment and skill based training.

#Mission75, like every single initiative we have run so far, depends heavily on our partners. RHA is inviting partners who can provision the following and you can be the voice that amplifies our cause.

  • Ration / Food to serve our citizens
  • Aid for people with disabilities
  • Learning and skill-based training opportunities
  • Employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers
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