Rural Development Department issues funds for Development works

Lucknow: As per the instructions of the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh,  Keshav Prasad Maurya, the  members of both the Houses of the Legislature have been informed about their respective constituencies.
Approval has been given by the Uttar Pradesh government to release an amount of Rs.7 billion, 48 crore, 50 lakh as the first installment of the financial year 2023-2024 under the Legislature Area Development Fund for development works under prescribed conditions and restrictions.

Necessary mandate in this regard has been issued by Uttar Pradesh Government, Rural Development Department.

It has been said in the issued mandate that according to the recommendation of the members of the Legislature, there is a budget provision. Out of 403 Honorable Members, 401 (02 seats vacant) for Honorable Members Rs. 150.00 Lakh including GST (Rupees One Crore Fifty Lakh Only). Out of 100 honorable members of the Legislative Council, 98 (02 vacant seats) for honorable members Rs. 150.00 lakh including GST (Rupees one crore fifty lakh only) at the rate of Rs. 14700.00 lakh including GST (Rupees one billion forty seven crore only) per honorable member.

The amount of Rs. 74850.00 lakh including GST (Rs. Seven billion forty eight crore fifty lakh only) for 499 (401+98) honorable members out of total 503 honorable members of the Legislature as the first installment subject to conditions and restrictions the release has been approved.

It has been said in the issued mandate that the expenditure of the sanctioned amount will be done according to the arrangements/provisions mentioned in the guidelines of the Legislature Area Development Fund and issued from time to time in this behalf.

It will be done as per the mandates. If the seat of any Vidhansabha/Legislative Council constituency is vacant, the funds for that area will not be withdrawn from the treasury. Complete compliance of Municipal Corporation general election code of conduct will be ensured. In the mandate issued, instructions have been given to the Chief Development Officers that in relation to expenditure management and economy in government expenditure, the compliance of the orders from time to time will be specially ensured by the Finance Department.

Along with this, the conditions given in Para-12 of the Uttar Pradesh Budget Manual will be fulfilled in spending the state money. And compliance with the standards of financial propriety will be ensured. In relation to the works to be done under the Legislature Area Development Fund, the amount equal to the actually payable/estimated GST will be drawn/spent.

The amount to be withdrawn will be transferred to the deposit account of the concerned DRDA and its expenditure from this deposit account will be done according to the guidelines of the Legislature Area Development Fund, as per the mandates issued from time to time in this regard.

Deputy Chief Minister  Keshav Prasad Maurya has instructed the Chief Development Officers to ensure that the information about the sanctioned amount and the copy of the mandate is made available to the members of the Legislative Assembly/Legislative Council within a week.

Deputy Chief Minister Maurya has also given instructions that an illustrative list of the works that can be done under the Legislative Area Development Fund, the main features of the scheme, approval and execution of construction works, release of funds, and necessary arrangements for monitoring. Information should also be made available and information should also be made available to the members about the works that cannot be done under the fund, so that there is no confusion at any level anywhere.

It will be the responsibility of the concerned Chief Development Officer to ensure the quality of works to be done under the Legislature Area Development Fund.

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