Sameer Wankhede Has A Heart At The Right Place, Decides To Help The Poor Family of A Deceased Bihari Migrant Labourer

Mumbai: Sameer Wankhede has always been known as a officer who through his relentless efforts succeeded in breaking the backbone of drug mafias of Mumbai and made sure many drug mafias and peddlers rot in the jail during his tenure as an NCB officer. He is also known to be a large-hearted man who always comes forward to help needy people.

He once again proved that he has a heart in the right place by deciding to help the family of the deceased Bihari Migrant labour who died in a tragic mishap in Mumbai. He understands the concerns of the labourer class especially migrant labourers who live and work in extreme conditions and hence he decided that he is going to help the victims distraught family in his own individual capacity.

Currently working as the Director of DGTS officer in Chennai, Sameer Wankhede when got to know that a Bihari Migrant labour had died after falling from a non-working lift in one of the buildings in Mumbai, he immediately gathered information about his family and his dependents. He was informed that Vinod has left 3 daughters, wife, mother and one unmarried sister behind him. After knowing the precarious financial status of the family, he monetarily decided to help the family.

Interestingly, known to be an upright and large-hearted officer Sameer Wankhede is being praised by many Biharis for his praiseworthy step. Social activist Nilotpal Mrunal took to the social media to inform the world about his concerns and his financial help be provided to the victim’s family.

Nilotpal Mrunal praised the large-heartedness of Sameer Wankhede and said, “When a Bihari migrant worker died a tragic death, no prominent fellow Bihari and no Bihari politician came in support of the family. But Sameer Wankhede, who is a Maharashtrian and a Marathi, decided to help the victim’s family and personally contributed a certain amount showing his immense concern towards the well-being of the family.”

Vinod Dhyani Sahu belonged to Darbhanga district of Bihar and the said incident occurred in Mumbai’s Chembur area at Shweta Co-operative Society. As reported, the car lift of the society wasn’t working and the contractor of the repair work called Vinod Shahu to help for repair work of the lift. But while he was checking what’s wrong with the lift, he lost his balance and suddenly fell down to his death. The incident occurred due to the negligence of the society and the contractor but when the family of the victim reached police station to file an FIR, the police refused to do so. Later, Nilotpal Mrinal and many fellow Biharis protested against the lack of empathy shown by the police related to the case and finally the FIR was registered after much deliberation.

Nilotpal Mrunal is fighting to get justice and compensation for the famliy of the victim and has asked people to help in his campaign. Meanwhile, he heaped praises on Sameer Wankhede who came forward to help the Bihari migrant worker’s family. He said that despite not being a Bihari himself, he has shown great concern towards Vinod’s family who is in dire need of help. He said through his monetary help Sameer Wankhede has set a great example which will inspired others to help the grieving family.

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