Sharp focus on streamlining law and order in 100 days of Yogi Government


Lucknow: Yogi Adityanath’s government came in Uttar Pradesh for the first time in March 2017. During the five-year tenure from 2017 to 2022, the government claimed that it fulfilled its agenda of better law and order and crackdown on criminals. There should be freedom to answer the bullets of criminals with bullets or to run a bulldozer on the property of criminals. The government put this achievement in front of the people in the assembly elections held in February-March of this year. In March 2022, Yogi Adityanath became the CM of UP for the second time. Now the government is also about to complete 100 days of its second term.

Statistics of Police Encounters in 100 Days (from 25 March 2022 to 1 July 2022)

– Total Encounters 525

– Arrested Offender 1034

– The crooks injured in the police encounter 425

– 5 miscreants killed in police encounter

– 68 policemen were also injured in the encounter with the miscreants.

Zone wise encounter statistics…

– Meerut Zone 193

– Bareilly Zone 62

– Agra Zone 55

– Lucknow Zone 48

– Lucknow Commissionerate 6

– Varanasi Zone 36

– Gorakhpur Zone 37

– Noida Commissionerate 44

Police personnel injured in encounter with miscreants

– 27 in Meerut zone

– Bareilly Zone 16

– 10 in Gorakhpur zone

– 9 in Lucknow zone

– 2 in Kanpur Zone

– 3 in Varanasi Zone

– 1 in Lucknow Commissionerate

In the second term, the Uttar Pradesh Police also increased the number of identification of mafia. Along with 50 identified mafia at the state level, the DGP headquarters also identified 12 mafia and a round of action was started against them. A total of Rs 192 crore 40 lakh 34 thousand 582 have been confiscated under the Gangster Act from March 25, 2022 to June 2022.

– Seized assets worth Rs 127 crore, 93 lakh, 4 thousand, 180 rupees of Haji Iqbal, mining mafia of Saharanpur and former MLC of BSP government

– Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva’s property worth 4 crores seized in Muzaffarnagar

– Gangster Khan Mubarak’s property worth 1 crore 93 lakh seized in Ambedkar Nagar

Ateeq Ahmed’s property worth Rs 5 crore seized in Prayagraj

14 crore, 31 lakh property seized in Mukhtar Ansari’s Ghazipur and Mau

– Vijay Mishra’s assets worth Rs 4 crore, 11 lakh, 38 thousand 780 seized in Bhadohi

Dhruv Singh alias Kuntu Singh’s property worth Rs 4 crore, 80 lakh 9 thousand seized in Azamgarh

14 crore 30 lakh property of former MP Rizwan Zaheer seized in Balrampur

Apart from 50 mafia at the state level, property worth Rs 92 crore, 18 lakh, 96 thousand, 700 of 12 gangsters have been confiscated at the headquarters level also. In this way, assets worth Rs 284 crore, 59 lakh, 31 thousand 282 have been confiscated so far of 62 mafia identified in the state.

Talking about the case registered on the mafia and the tightened legal clutches, according to the latest data released from the DGP headquarters…

– Identified crooks and mafia 2,433

– Cases registered 17,169

– 1,645 arrested

Surrender in court 134

– Attachment action was taken against 15

– NSA imposed on 36 people

Gangster Act was imposed against 788

– Goonda Act imposed on 618

– 47 licenses were canceled

– History sheet of 719 professional criminals opened

If we talk about the identified mafia at present,

– 619 mafia are in jail

– 1744 on bail

– 18 mafia have been killed

Search is on for 52 identified mafia

In the second term, apart from 62 criminal mafia identified from the headquarter level of the state, the mafia of other areas have also been identified. These include 30 mining mafia, 228 liquor smuggling mafia, 168 cattle smuggler mafia, 347 land mafia, 18 education mafia and 359 other mafia who have been identified.

Despite these actions in the second term of the Yogi Adityanath government, there were many such famous incidents, which also raised questions on the law and order and policing of Uttar Pradesh.

– Rape with gang rape victim in Pali police station of Lalitpur

During the raid in Chandauli, due to police brutality, the girl was beaten up and then died suspiciously.

– Brutally murdered 5 people of the same family in Prayagraj

Along with such criminal incidents, incidents of disturbing law and order were also reported in the second term.

Before Eid, an attempt was made to spoil the atmosphere in Ayodhya by tearing objectionable meat and religious books.

– Stone pelting and sabotage in violence after Friday prayers in Kanpur.

After June 3, violence took place after Friday prayers in many cities including Prayagraj, Saharanpur, Ambedkar Nagar, Moradabad on June 10.

In protest against the Agneepath scheme, students demonstrated in many cities, including Ballia, Jaunpur Chandauli, adjacent to Bihar, violence took place.

However, the police took timely action on every ruckus and arrested the rebels and sent them to jail. In the violence after Friday prayers, a total of 20 FIRs were registered in 10 districts and so far 424 people have been arrested and sent to jail. A total of 82 FIRs were registered in 31 districts against the Agneepath scheme in which action was taken on 1562, 498 were arrested and sent to jail.

Opposition termed the first 100 of the second term as useless

SP spokesperson Anurag Bhadauria says that the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh is a propaganda government, a marketing government. Investors do summit but it is not known where the investment happened. When the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister were present in Kanpur, there was a ruckus, there was stone-pelting violence. The biggest example of the failure of the intelligence system and the police came to the fore. SP spokesperson said that after a week, amidst lakhs of claims, Sahar after the next Friday prayers

Violence took place in many districts including Napur, Prayagraj, Ambedkar Nagar. There was a ruckus on the streets, this is their law and order. This is not the politics of development, it is the people doing the politics of hate.

At the same time, Congress spokesperson Surendra Rajput says that the old government has come in new packing and wrapping. Only the ministers of this government are flaunting the works of their government. In the current government, if the Deputy Chief Minister raids the drug warehouse, then medicines worth crores are found with expiry date. This medicine worth crores was bought during the tenure of the previous BJP government, which was not delivered to the hospitals. The Congress spokesperson said that the mass murder in Prayagraj Gorakhpur is putting a question mark on Iqbal of the police. In the current BJP government, the one who believes in the constitution is insecure while the one who follows the rules and regulations of the BJP is safe. Courts and constitution are being demolished on the basis of bulldozers

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