Sheermal: A delicacy of the city which now has a street named after it


Lucknow: Lucknow is known the world over for its Mughlai delicacies that have stood the tests of times and always attracted food connoisseurs.  Holding a prime spot in that list of foodies delights is the Sheermal that has its roots in the city of Lucknow. Several shops in the old city area continue to sell the sheermal with multiple takers. The sheermal rubs shoulders with Kebab Paranthas of Lucknow and Kulche-Nihari. People like eating it with korma and nihari.

Sheermal is a fine blend of ‘milk’, ‘ghee’ and ‘rich food’. The sheermal was traditionally a food that was preferred by the aristocracy started in the Nawabi phase.

A sweet naan, which is cooked in a tandoor or oven. The sheermal is sweetened by adding sugar with milk instead of hot water. Later saffron and cardamom are added, which increases manifold.

During the time of Naseeruddin Haider, a man named Mahmud had a small restaurant near the Firangi Mahal. Travellers would stop, to eat it. It was he who started the Lakhanavi Sheermal. Later in 1830 in the shop of Mahmud, Chef Ali Hussain opened a small shop of his own.

Today the Sheermal of Chef Ali Hussain has become a specialty of Lucknow. It is currently owned by Mohammad Omar and Junaid, who belong to the 6th generation in this profession. People working here have also been associated with this shop for generations. The street in Lucknow, where this shop is located, is known as ‘Sheermal Wali Gali’. Apart from Sheermal, here you will find the best Bakrakhana, Gau Zaban and different types of Naan Khana.

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