“Shooting with each other is effortless”, confessed Jiya Shankar and Paras Arora from Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons

Mumbai: “Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million of little things”, is what truly defines the journey of Paras Arora and Jiya Shankarfrom Kaatelal& Sons popularly known as ‘Sumod’. The duo didn’t hit it off from the day they met but their journey has been the one that nurtured with time. Sharing their adventurous journey together, Jiya and Paras get candid about each other.

From giving their fans a glimpse of their behind the scenes fun and making adorable videos that defines the budding love between Susheela and Dr. Pramod, Jiya and Paras have got their fans’ hearts fluttering.

Here is how they spilt the beans on how they became best of friends on the set of Kaatelal& Sons:

Talking about his rapport and experience of shooting with Jiya, Paras said,“With time, Jiya and I have created a strong bond between us. While it has been only 4 months, our compatibility and understanding makes us feel that we know each other since a long time. It’s always fun to shoot with her. Our viewers might see us fight like Tom and Jerry on screen, we do continue to take that camaraderie off screen as well.We both are very stubborn in our ways and that often leads to various fun debates which I feel has created a friendship like no other.”

Adding further, Jiya said,“We are indeed the Tom and Jerry of Kaatelal& Sons, but off-screen, Paras fights back unlike Pramod. He is not like Dr. Pramod, the sweet manthat he is. There hasn’t been a dull moment around Paras. What I adore the most about him is that is an emotional person and really compassionate.”

As artists, the duo continue to have a unique relationship. To this Paras said, “We both are really appreciative towards each other and we tend to compliment each other and even suggest improvisation wherever necessary. We are extremely secure as performers around each other.I love his quality about Jiya as how she makes it so easy to be around her. She is an electrifying performer and that energy resonates through me.”

Talking about the best memories they have together and unveiling the mischief-maker on set, Paras said, “While we are creating memories each day. I feel the best one so far was when we shot out first romantic scene where Dr. Pramod proposes Susheela and that’s when #Sumod started to trend and our fans loved our chemistry.” He further added, “We have one prankster on the set and I have to say that’s me. One of the pranks that I remember was the time we were shooting in the Haathi Bazaar set and there were police in the scene making chalaans. I took one of the chalaans and pasted it on Jiya’s back. She went the entire day roaming around the set with the chalaan pasted on her back. Later when she got to know what I had done, I was in trouble.”

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