Shoulder Replacement surgery a first in KGMU Lucknow

Lucknow: A golden achievement has been added to the history of King George’s Medical University (KGMU). Doctors of the orthopedic department performed surgery and successfully performed shoulder replacement on a 51-year-old woman. World class transplant of hip, knee etc. is already being done in KGMU, but shoulder transplant was done for the first time.

Dr. Kumar Shantanu, an expert in the Orthopedic Department, said  in such patients whose shoulder joint is completely destroyed and its muscles and ligaments are not repairable, they require shoulder joint replacement.

Nankan, a 51-year-old woman resident of Bhoj village of Veerpur in Gonda was suffering from arthritis. Due to this, both his hips were already successfully transplanted at KGMU. Over the last one year, the patient had increased pain and stiffness in both his shoulders. Due to this she was not able to lift both her shoulders at all. She was not even able to do her daily work. She had full confidence in KGMU after the successful replacement of both her hips in the past, so she came to KGMU to show both her shoulders. He showed his shoulder to Professor Kumar Shantanu of the Department of Orthopedics. After all the tests, the doctors decided to undergo shoulder replacement.

Two days ago, the patient had a complete shoulder replacement in the orthopedics department. This transplant was done by Dr. Shantanu and Head of the Department, Prof. Done by Ashish Kumar. Dr. Shantanu said that the patient is quite comfortable. Knee and hip replacements are done in large numbers, but due to the difficulty of shoulder replacement, they are usually done only in the metro cities of the country, but now this facility will be available in KZMU. For this, KGMU Vice Chancellor Prof. Sonia Nityananda has congratulated the Orthopedics Department for the successful surgery.

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