Skill Training to give jailbirds wings in Hindi Heartland

Lucknow: The government will now make the prisoners lodged in the jails of Uttar Pradesh skilled. For this, they will not only be trained but will also be given certificates. After being released from jail, they will go on the path of employment instead of crime, this exercise is being done by the Skill Development Mission.

Prisoners lodged in jails will be given free training of three to six months. This training will be given to the convicts or those prisoners who have to come out of jail after the jail term of three or six months, so that they can complete the course and leave. The Skill Development Mission has prepared a plan in this regard.

It is set to start from the last week of February itself. Under the Skill Development Mission, a total of 234 courses of three to six months duration are conducted in the state.

About one to two dozen courses will be conducted in the jails. It will be started according to the demand of the market and the interest of the prisoners. Under this scheme, there is a plan to conduct courses for plumber, electrician, computer, mushroom cultivation, traditional courses, sewing-embroidery and knitting etc. for women.

Director of Skill Development Mission Andra Vamsi has given instructions for preparation after holding a meeting with the in-charges of all 75 districts of the state. Its report will also be sent from all the districts this week. After this, the mission in-charge of the districts will also contact the jail administration in this regard. After motivating the prisoners, its report will be sent to the government.

Kaushalendra Pratap Singh, Manager, District Skill Development Mission, said that a plan has been made by the Skill Development Mission to make the inmates of the jails skilled. An MoU will be signed between the Mission and the Prisons Department on February 12, the same day as the Investors Summit.

Will be able to earn in jail

Even after being skilled, the prisoner is locked in jail or if a prisoner has mastered a particular work, then only he will get that work, so the prisoner will continue to use his skills during his stay in jail. Even after being released from jail, they will be able to earn due to their skills.

MoU to be signed be in the summit

For this arrangement, an MoU will be signed by the Skill Development Mission and the Prisons Department on February 12, the day of the Investors Summit. Before that there will be a meeting of both the departments at the local level under the chairmanship of the district administration.

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