Slip of the tongue lands CMS of Pajila Hospital in trouble

CMS removed, told media “74 died in 72 hours due to heat stroke”

Manoj Srivastava

Lucknow: Ballia District Magistrate Ravindra Kumar has said that the situation is under control. It is not a heat stroke as reported. We have personally visited the hospital along with the CMO. An alleged misrepresentation turned things worse. It seems that all the patients who came to the hospital in the last three days were told of heat stroke. However, it is not like that. Taking cognizance of the seriousness of the matter, the Chief Medical Superintendent of the District Hospital Dr. Diwakar Singh was removed by the government.

Uttar Pradesh Principal Secretary Health Partha Sarathi Sharma took cognizance of the matter. He directed the district officials to visit the spot and send a status report. However, showing sensitivity on this issue, the District Magistrate Ballia visited the spot along with the Chief Medical Officer Ballia. After that, the government took action and removed the Chief Medical Superintendent, District Hospital, Ballia from his post.

While according to the CMS, the number of patients coming to the district hospital suffering from heatstroke and sunstroke was exaggerated.

According to statistics, 74 people have died due to heat stroke in the last three days. The temperature in the district is running above 43-44 degree Celsius for the last two days.

The beds of government and private hospitals are full of patients suffering from diarrhea and heat stroke. Most of the patients coming to the emergency of the district hospital are dying.

25 patients died from Friday morning till late night. The highest number of deaths (31) occurred on Thursday this week. Due to the increase in the number of sudden deaths of patients admitted in emergency and wards of district hospital, even free dead bodies were not available.

People had to carry the dead body in private vehicles. According to government data, there have been 101 deaths in a week. According to the employees, there were not so many deaths in a day even during the corona infection.

The number of cremations of the dead has only increased  on the ghats of Ganga. Elderly people above 50 years of age are most vulnerable to death. The increase in the figures of sudden deaths has created panic in the hospital administration.

In a hurry, coolers and ACs have been installed in the emergency room, emergency ward and other wards. After this the patients are getting some relief. Doctors are telling people the ways to prevent heat stroke.

Chief Medical Superintendent of District Hospital Dr. Diwakar Singh said that due to the scorching heat, suddenly the number of patients with diarrhea, heat stroke, high fever, respiratory problems increased. Patients are reaching the hospital when their condition worsens due to non-availability of medical facilities on time. The condition is not improving even after treatment.

Physician Dr. Pankaj Jha told that in view of the heat, keep consuming maximum water. Eat watery fruits. Being on an empty stomach can be dangerous.

Leave the house only if it is necessary. In case of any problem, immediately consult a specialist doctor. Fraud can even kill. Take special care of children and the elderly.”

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