So are U.S, Israel dialing Aliens for help?

Israel: Aliens have long dominated the celluloid for films that got inspired by their supposed existence. Films like Koi Mil Gaya, ET, Mars Attacks and Independence Day have repeatedly tried to delve deeper into the Encounters with the Third Kind. Meanwhile crop circles and sightings of UFO every now and then have been reported by different media verticals. Opening yet another front in that ever growing debate is a revalation by Haime Ished, former head of Israel’s space security program. Ished has made a big claim about aliens. He said that aliens actually exist and apart from America, aliens are also in contact with Israel.

He also said Donald Trump has information about all these things. The claim of Haime Ished on aliens confirms WikiLeaks’ claim in which WikiLeaks had made a big disclosure about the presence of aliens. WikiLeaks had revealed that aliens exist and they want to help humans.

As per reportage Ished has said that it is possible to negotiate with aliens. He said that apart from Israel, America is also in contact with aliens.

Significantly, in the matter of defense and technology, America and Israel are considered important countries. Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, is considered the world’s most powerful intelligence agency. In such a situation, people are taking seriously the statement made by Haime Ished, former head of Israel’s space security program about aliens Aliens have long been a mystery in the world.

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