Social media now a powerful weapon to publicize in the hands of political parties

Lucknow: There was a time when banner posters and big hoardings were used for campaigning in politics and politicians used to try to woo their voters, but  times are now changing. Although the method of campaigning also seems to be changing, at present the election campaign is not only limited to the middle class. Rather, the enlightened class present in the society is also not untouched by it. In today’s era, every person associated with politics is promoting himself on social media with great strength, through social media it is easy to reach more and more people in less time, social media is a platform which  not only works in writing along with every possibility from animation to graphics design, whether it is through video or through photos it is ubiquitous everywhere.

Revolution after 2014: The era of propaganda on social media is huge after 2014. PM Narendra Modi has taken a lot of media support in his political life, due to which he has emerged as the leader of the people today. Modi does his every little thing through social media to the people. Due to which he has become the leader of every class today, that was the political summer of 2014 when only Narendra Modi’s name was on everyone’s mouth and all this has been possible only through social media. Following PM Modi, all the leaders are taking their political life to the highest peak by spreading their propaganda.

Opposition is also a fan of social media: Whether it is a party on social media or the opposition, everyone is accepting the power of social media. If there is any political movement in the country, then it is visible on social media. Whether it is supporting or opposing the government, the opposition keeps its point openly through social media. We all know how the opposition made an issue with the Agneepath plan brought by the government recently, as soon as the discussion of the plan started, the process started coming one after the other, from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to the entire opposition government. Every effort was made to surround it, all this was done only through social media.

This continuous process: This world of social media is a never-ending world, because today people of every age group are taking full support of this platform. We all know how active we all were on social media some time ago due to the lockdown in the Corona period. Many politicians have made their political breads through this platform itself, as a result of which they are getting successful in getting tickets in the elections. Now politicians are considering their good in campaigning on social media and connecting with people, that is why this world is going to run continuously, the world of social media is the world that never stops.

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