Some respite as fuel prices see a drop after several months of skyrocketing

Lucknow: The price of petrol and diesel was increasing continuously for the last 4 months, which was causing a lot of trouble to the public. For a first time in several months, the rate of petrol has been reduced by 20 paise per liter and the rate of diesel has come down by 79 paise so far in the last 3 days. Diesel prices have come down by 19 paise since Monday. Petrol has gone up to Rs 98.46 and diesel to Rs 89.14 per liter. The common man is not happy at the moment due to the fall of some money.

People are now hopeful of relief from the rate of petrol and diesel. The increase in the rate of petrol and diesel directly affects the pockets of the common man. Transportation becomes expensive due to increase in diesel, this affects the prices of everyday goods.

Petrol pump operator Sunil Sharan Garg in Kanpur said that there has been a reduction of 20 paise in petrol. Petrol has started selling at new rates from Monday. Hoping for some more relief.

The prices of crude oil are continuously decreasing in the international market. Due to this, there was constant pressure on the government to reduce the prices. The common man was also very angry due to the increase in prices. Prices have increased continuously since January this year. In July, petrol was increased 9 times, the rate of diesel was increased 5 times. In June, the government had increased the prices of petrol and diesel 16 times. Petrol became costlier by Rs 11.44 per liter and diesel by Rs 9.14 per liter after the hike.

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