Lucknow: Beyond 50, neurological ailments are a common concern. Dr Atul Agarwal is a senior Neurophysician, Former HOD Neurology from  King George Medical university, Lucknow. He spoke at length on how this impacts a human and how should one counter these problems.

The problems of neurological issues are a common occurrence after 50. The issue of Neurological disorders have been a burning issue in India.  Many changes happen in the person after they cross 50. There are other psychological aspects of aging that one should be aware about. With the right knowledge one can work towards having a more relaxed and stress-free life. Most common psychological changes associated with ageing is a slower reaction. There is significant decrease in reaction time.  Most are able to make up for psychological aspect of ageing.

Ability to concentrate on a particular task starts to decline in 50s. One loses focus and experience gradual decrease in attention span.  With mental deterioration watching movies, working long hours or engaging in lengthy conversations might not be as easy.  Decision-making skills actually improve with old age.  Expected psychological changes in old age is memory loss. Various studies have suggested that your dopamine levels may decrease by up to 10% through every decade of your adult life. This leads to an increase in risk-taking decisions.

Unfortunately, the chances of you having a stroke increases with old age. One of the most common problems faced after 50 is pain in the back and the neck. With this a person faces problems in  riding two wheelers and bending. In an age range of 50 to 65, apart from memory loss, a person has to also face problems like Blood Pressure, Sugar and Cholestrol issues.

Nerves get affected with age and this leads to neuropathy. Blood pressure, sugar impact kidney, eyes, lead to stroke depression, Alzheimer, brain disbalance and more often causes a clot in the brain.  In the post 50 impact there is also an occurrence of tumours and brain foliage. As a precautionary measure, it is advisable that one exercises, spend good time with friends, listen to music and watch TV and films. Above all stay happy.

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