Strict traffic discipline to be followed as India gears up for clash against England

Lucknow: For the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 India vs England match to be held on 29.10.2023, the following traffic arrangement will be applicable from 08.00 am till the end of the match – Roadways buses / private buses / commercial vehicles –
– Roadways and all other buses and commercial vehicles (small and big) will be banned during the match on Shaheed Path. other alternative

Roads will be open for use. There will be no restriction on private vehicles and rented taxi cars etc. – The above vehicles on Sultanpur Road will be diverted from Amul Tiraha and vehicles coming from Arjunganj Cantt will be diverted. Private buses will also strictly follow the diversion plan issued by the roadways.

City Buses:-

Around 50 city buses will run during the match, which will not stop on Shaheed Path between Husdia and Sushant Golf City and will run on the right side of the road.

City buses (if any) coming from Arjunganj side turn left from Ahimamau towards PHQ. maternity hospital
We will board the train on the road behind PHQ and go towards Gomtinagar from G-20 intersection via PHQ. Will not go back towards Ahimamau from PHQ via rogue side.

Similarly, passengers will not be dropped or boarded on Sultanpur road. This vehicle will go towards Lulu Mall and drop off the passengers.


E-rickshaw is banned on Shaheed Path. E-rickshaw service will also be banned on the road on the day of the match.
Similarly, autos will also be banned on Shaheedpath. E-rickshaws and autos coming from Arjunganj, turn left from Ahimamau to PHQ, UP-112. maternity hospital. People will board the train on the road behind PHQ and go towards Gomtinagar from G-20 intersection via PHQ.

Similarly, autos and e-rickshaws coming from Sultanpur Road will turn left towards Lulu Mall and deboard. Under any circumstances, passengers will not be picked up or boarded within a radius of 500 meters from Ahimamau.

Ola/Uber and other rental vehicles:-

Like the city bus, one will neither board nor disembark passengers on Shaheed Path between Husdia and Sushant Golf City.
Vehicles coming from the airport will deboard before Ahimamau.

Vehicles coming from Arjunganj, turn left from Ahimamau to PHQ, UP-112. We will alight the ride on the road behind the Maternity Hospital and go towards Gomtinagar from G-20 intersection via PHQ.

Private vehicle:-

The vehicle owners who have the vehicle pass will go from Ahimamau towards HCL and park the vehicle in the marked parking via Water Tank Tiraha via Palasi.

Vehicle owners who do not have vehicle passes will also go from Ahimamau via HCL. Among them, the first 1000 vehicle owners will be given parking for their vehicles at Palassio Mall. After that there will be parking between Water Tank Tirahe and HCL.

Two wheeler :-

All two wheelers will park behind Palassio Mall via Ahimamau via HCL Tiraha.

Single track:-

From Husdia underpass to Maleshamau underpass, from Maleshamau to SSB underpass, there will be single direction road on both sides of Shaheed Path and vehicles will run in a circle.


The Palassio Underpass will be a one-way route from the start to the end of the match, allowing access to PHQ but no return. There will be a one-way road from Ahimamau intersection to G-20 Tiraha via PHQ. Escorts accompanying BVIP/BIP return from the stadium and go to the streets behind the Mall or PHQ.Will park the vehicle. Under no circumstances should vehicles be parked near the stadium.

Security personnel who come with special and very special visitors will not be allowed inside. Will be installed in the parking area only. Only ticket holders will enter the various stands.

There will be no counter for selling tickets in the stadium on the day of the match. Therefore, buy tickets (hard copies) in advance. In case of online booking, entry will be prohibited if the hard copy of the ticket is not brought.

Entry will be given 03 hours before the start of the match. Last entry will be given till 08:30 pm, then entry will not be allowed. Re-entry into the stadium is not allowed, that is, if you leave the match, you will not be allowed to enter the stadium again.

There will be a temporary pick and drop stand on the road behind UP-112 headquarters, where private vehicles and auto rickshaws can pick up and drop passengers.

No person will enter the stadium without duty card or ticket, if caught, strict action will be taken and unauthorized entry will be a punishable offence.

Coins, earphones, inflammable substances etc. are completely banned as per ICC/BCCI instructions.

There is an appeal to the people living near the stadium to go towards the stadium only to watch the match, otherwise use other alternative routes.

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