Students send out an eco – friendly message by painting paper bags

Lucknow: Paper bag is a very good eco-friendly bag considering the increasing pollution in today’s era. It helps in keeping the balance between our nature and the environment.

The second best benefit of paper bags is that we can show and promote the art of our culture and tradition through bags. Because in the modern age people are forgetting their culture and tradition.

It is also affordable and anyone can buy and make this bag easily. Plastic is not only the cause of dirt on the roads, but plastic is also the biggest cause of pollution in seas or rivers. It takes years for plastic to decompose in the ground and it reduces the fertility of the soil.

On the other hand, the paper bag gets destroyed very easily and it does not spread pollution either. The special thing about paper bags is that it can also be recycled up to 100%.

Using paper bags instead of plastic is environment friendly. Paper is mainly made from bamboo and grass. The environment will not be polluted and the fertility of the earth will remain intact. Plastic is harmful to our health and environment.

Giving this information, Bhupendra Kumar Asthana said that  75 students of the first year of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Tagore Marg premises, made paper bags and painted them in their own artistic way. They also presented their ideas for using paper bags. Along with the students, artist teachers Girish Pandey, Dheeraj Yadav and Ratnakant Priya also made paper bags and provided guidance to the students.

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