Surgical strike on the politics of pseudo socialism and mafia in Uttar Pradesh

Mrityunjay Dixit

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath showed sharp attitude in the current budget session of the Vidhansabha and announced to destroy the mafias patronized by political parties. Along with this, the kind of campaign started against the mafias and their associates, it is proving absolutely true that only Yogis are useful for UP.

As per the instructions of the Chief Minister of the state, the way action is being taken against the mafias, the courage of the High Court and the lower courts is also increasing and now they are fearlessly writing strong comments against the mafias who have political patronage.

The Chief Minister has made it clear in the speeches given in both the Houses  that in spite of the armor given by big leaders to save the mafia, such criminals will not be able to escape now. After these sharp statements of the Chief Minister, the mafia Atiq Ahmed, who is lodged in the Sabarmati Jail of Gujarat, has reached the Supreme Court and is begging for his life.

The mafia who grew up in the Samajwadi government and used to think that no one can lay hands on them, are now yearning to get bail. The backs of many, including Atiq Ahmed, Mukhtar Ansari, Azam Khan, Gayatri Prajapati and Irfan Solanki of Kanpur, including all the mafia supported by the Samajwadi Party government, are now breaking. After Yogi’s announcement in the assembly, the action against such criminal elements and those who patronize them has become more intense.

All those political parties, including the Samajwadi Party, which used to get political benefits with the help of these mafias and used to flourish the politics of appeasement, seem to be shutting down. All these parties were winning the elections on the basis of hooliganism and anarchy of the mafia.

Yogi’s announcement, “Mafia ko mitti mein miladenge” has had a wide impact on the common man and his expectations have also increased in the same proportion. It is being discussed from house meetings to tea stalls and from offices to public places. The Chief Minister said in the House that the results of the action being taken by the government under the policy of zero tolerance towards crime will also emerge soon.

While making a scathing attack on socialism by straying from the path and playing in the lap of the mafia, Yogi, while blunting the demand of the Samajwadi Party demanding caste census, said that Samajwadi is a polymorphic brand. Progressive Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Democratic Socialism and also Family Socialism. Socialism is the biggest hypocrisy of making rich poor, poor slaves, intellectuals fools and leaders themselves powerful.

While making a scathing attack on Akhilesh Yadav who talked about caste, CM Yogi said that for years the mafia used to get protection on the basis of caste and religion in the state. Due to Muslim appeasement, the socialist government was even lobbying for the release of terrorists. First, political parties took support of mafia to get support of castes, then Bahubali criminals, who became powerful on the basis of castes, entered politics themselves, in which mafia Mukhtar Ansari had also formed a regional party of his own. Today these criminals are trembling. There was a time when such elements were glorified by organizing Shero Shayari at the intersections. A few years back, mafia don Atiq Ahmed used to speak highly of him. One evening in Prayagraj, there was a gathering of poets in his name, and a poet recited ballads in his praise. Today the houses of Atiq Ahmed’s henchmen are being demolished with bulldozers. While action is being taken against the mafia, secular parties are falsely propagating that houses of poor minorities are being demolished in the state.

Speaking on the incident of burning of a holy book like Ramcharit Manas, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath lashed out at the Samajwadi Party and said that what would have been the situation if such an act had happened with the text of any other faith or religion? Burning the country is an insult to 100 crore Hindus of the world. The Chief Minister said that apprehensive about the success of the UP Investors Summit, the SP hatched a conspiracy by insulting Ramcharit Manas and its author Saint Tulsidas. Yogi credited Tulsidas, who shouted “Ramchandra ki Jai” in the house, for uniting the entire society through Ramcharit Manas and Ramlilas in the medieval period, and said that the saint who considered Lord Ram as his king had killed the Mughal emperor Akbar. had turned down the invitation of
We are Raghubir’s servants, write down the court.

Yogi said that Ramcharitmanas was composed in Manas Awadhi. There is a sentence in the Awadhi language, “Brother, why have you been bothering for so long? Then told that here the meaning of Taadat is to see. Tulsidas ji was born in Rajapur village of Chitrakoot district of Bundelkhand. There is a sentence in Bundeli – Brother, keep my girl tade. What is the meaning of tade here, keep watching. Yogi told that cattle, about which hypocrisy is being spread, Prabhu bhal kihin mohi sikh dinhi, marjada puni tumhari kihinhi. Drum, illiterate Shudra animal woman, officer of gross chastisement. Explaining this, he said that this context comes when Lord Rama requests to give a way through the sea for three days to go to Lanka. On not giving way to the sea, Laxman ji gives bow and arrow to Lord Shri Ram and Lord Ram warns the sea by fixing the arrow on the bow. Then the ocean appears and says these lines.

It is from the heart. Shudra’s shelter is from the working class and not from any particular caste. Yogi issued a relevant explanation of Manas and said that woman means women power. When this scripture was composed in the medieval period, the pathetic condition of women at that time was not hidden from anyone. Distortions like child marriage also flourished at that time.

In a scathing attack on the Samajwadi Party, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the SP office is running a campaign against Saint Tulsidas, insulting texts like Manas at many places. It cannot be that whoever wants to insult Hindus, interpret the scriptures according to his own. He said that you should feel proud that Uttar Pradesh is the land of Ram and Shri Krishna, Ganga-Yamuna and Sangam. Holy books like Ramcharit Manas and Valmiki Ramayana were composed on this land, by burning which you are humiliating 100 crore Hindus.
Yogi  has given a clear signal and message to the opposition that to solve the problem, “run away” or “run away”.
State Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made it clear that this land is the land of Ram and Krishna and he has resolved to establish Ramrajya completely. At present, the construction work of the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya is going on at a fast pace and that temple and all the religious pilgrimage and tourist centers of the state should be completely safe, investment and investors in the state should be safe, for that the mafias and everyone who patronizes them should be protected. There was a great need for bulldozer action and verbal strike against this type of system and Yogi ji has done both.

Translated from a Hindi Op – ed piece written by the senior political analyst

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