Sushil, the Python slayer

Cops are usually those who tighten the dragnet around erring criminals, mafia and robbers, but one man is making news for another reason. This man has fast earned the repute of catching snakes, scorpions and other deadly wildebeests like pythons. As soon as his videos went viral online this man from U.P’s Pratapgarh has turned into a viral sensation.

The man identified as Sushil, an expert in catching the deadly beings from the wild, caught one such creature and left it in the Gajehra forest of the area.

The police inspector has been posted in the Mandhata Kotwali of Pratapgarh district in the state of U.P. The inspector is said to be an expert in catching snakes, scorpions, and pythons.

The latest such case came from Panyari village of Mandhata Kotwali. When a huge python came out and this man fought to shoo the python away.

Reportedly, immediately the inspector Sushil Mishra caught the python and overpowered it. The python was put in a sack and he took the sack to the wild and released it.

With his repute as someone who catches the venom spewing beings, Sushil Mishra is now the first call person to get slithering venom spewing ones under control and make sure that there is a perfect synergy between public, police and the forest department, so that no one is hurt.

Just 6 months ago, a snake had come out in the Mandhata police station, the constable Sushil Mishra had caught the poisonous snake and left it in the forest.

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