Teacher’s Day celebrated with great zeal in School of Management Sciences

Lucknow: On 5th September 2022, Teacher’s Day was celebrated all over the country and School of Management Sciences was no exception. Lucknow also paid tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan by garlanding his portrait at the beginning of the programme. SMS is celebrating Teacher’s festival from 5-9 September 2022. On this occasion, Secretary & Chief Executive Officer, School of Management Sciences,  Sharad Singh and Dr. Manoj Mahrotra, Director, Dr.
Bharat Raj Singh, Director General, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Co-Director, Dr. Jagdish Singh, Chief-General Manager, Dean- Students Welfare, Management, and engineering and all the teachers etc. were present.

The Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, Sharad Singh, rewarded the outstanding teachers of the institute who contributed in writing books, peer reviewed research papers, patents etc., and also motivated all the teachers to participate enthusiastically in their respective fields. Among the rewarded teachers, main figures were
Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh, Dr. Suneel Gupta, Mr.
Ashoksen Gupta, Mr. Usmani etc.. Thereafter Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General, portrayed the life of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ji and also told that very few people know that there have been many
teachers in Indian history since mythological times.

From Rama to Vivekananda, all the great personalities’ the blessings and teachings of a great guru have been behind them. The method of education is going on since time immemorial. In our mythological texts, there is
a mention of the Guru-disciple tradition and education has been given by the sages and
sages under the Gurukul system. In Indian history, there were many great era hero’s; starting from Karna, Bharadwaj, Vedavyas, Atri to Vallabhacharya, Govindacharya, Gajanan Maharaj, Tukaram,
Dnyaneshwar etc. All were great gurus of their time.

Dr. Singh also believes that education has a special importance in the development of a country. In such a situation, we gurus who have experience and are matured in the education system, they should take interest to lift
the society and nation by preparing good teachers who can develop morality in the students.

Thereafter Prof. Manoj Mahrotra, Director, SMS gave detailed information on the changes taking place on the new education policy NEP-2020 and various teachers also shared their experiences. At the end, General Manager, Dr. Jagdish Singh expressed his views that for all round development, it is necessary to give special emphasis on morality, for which every teacher while discharging his responsibility, should cooperate in giving leading direction to
the nation and the world and also take oath on Teachers’ Day to be aware of duties.

While giving the vote of thanks, he conveyed his good wishes to everyone on Teacher’s Day. The
program was conducted by Surendra Srivastava, General Manager.

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